Whales Shift Focus To New Meme Coin, Moving Away From Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Whales Shift Focus To New Meme Coin, Moving Away From Shiba Inu (SHIB)

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Shiba Inu is once again making headlines, but not for good reasons. On the contrary, SHIB has a bearish market while the rest of the crypto world is experiencing a bull run. Instead, the coins are declining even further and not rebounding from a critical breakdown as had been the anticipation of many.

Recently, several whale investors are jumping ship; liquidating their SHIB holdings and refocusing their investments on emerging cryptocurrencies. One particular meme coin that has the attention of these whale investors is Pandoshi (PAMBO); which is fast selling out on the presale.

This move signifies a turn in the tide of crypto investments; hinting at the huge potential this new meme coin has to become a major crypto in 2024.

Shiba Inu Faces Further Decline

Shiba Inu’s dwindling performance can be largely attributed to its lack of utility beyond the fun. Coupled with its lack of continuous innovative development, SHIB has gradually lost its appeal among crypto investors. Those still holding SHIB are questioning whether the coin will develop its ecosystem further and recover from its previous performance.

Shiba Inu has several technical disadvantages that make Pandoshi (PAMBO) stand out. As a Token launched and operating on the ethereum blockchain, SHIB is constrained in terms of high gas fees and scalability. On the other hand, its rivals like PAMBO are developing a new blockchain that offers minimal transaction charges, scalability, and transaction speed. 

PAMBO seems to be designed to surpass all meme coins including SHIB with the current shift of focus.

Why Pandoshi (PAMBO)?

The whale investors are purchasing huge amounts of Pandoshi (PAMBO) tokens that are currently priced at $0.008. So far, the price has increased by 400% since its launch toward the end of 2023. Pandoshi is in phase 4 of presale; quickly selling out having raised about $3 million in just a few weeks. The presale will soon enter phase 5; the final phase before listing. Pandoshi expects to conclude the presale at $0.01; a 25% in a week.

With the current positive sentiments around Pandoshi, alongside its strategic planned updates, expert investors see PAMBO easily surpassing SHIB. Here are some of its technical advantages:

  • Pandoshi Wallet: This recently launched crypto wallet is non-custodial giving users full control of their funds. Also, it’s multi-chain and allows staking within the wallet.

  • PandoshiSwap: a decentralized exchange that will allow PAMBO users to easily swap their assets. Unlike Uniswap, it won’t ban any other cryptocurrencies without foundational reasons.

  • PandaChain: a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Layer-2 blockchain solution; enabling true decentralization, the Pandoshi community must have its own cost-effective blockchain infrastructure.

  • Cardoshi: the virtual prepaid card solution that offers users a global platform to use cryptocurrencies outside the crypto market and in the real world. Apart from PAMBO tokens, the cards will have the capacity to hold all the renowned cryptocurrencies including altcoins and stablecoins.

As proven by the massive support, PAMBO has the potential to surpass Shiba Inu and experience a massive price rally upon listing. Whale investors are making the shift in time to catch the anticipated huge ROIs.

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