The Crypto Events To Look Forward To In January 2024

The Crypto Events To Look Forward To In January 2024

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As we enter the first weeks of what promises to be a game-changing year for the blockchain and Web3 industry, we’re expecting much more than just a bull run for the top cryptocurrencies. As ever, we can expect to see a wave of new and groundbreaking innovations, regulatory developments and the emergence of new trends.

For investors, industry professionals and fans of crypto alike, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and to do that, they should keep a close eye on the most pivotal events taking place each month. 

January is traditionally always a very busy month on the crypto scene and 2024 is no different in that regard, with a number of high-profile events and project launches set to arrive in the coming days. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top crypto events for January 2024. 

SSV Mainnet Call – January 10

SSV Network is one of the leading lights in the Distributed Validator Technology or DVT space, where key management and signing responsibilities are split across multiple validators to increase the resilience of blockchain networks. 

The startup has just announced its official SSV Mainnet Call permissionless launch, which is an online event that will be livestreamed on YouTube. The event promises to introduce a new era in ETH staking with the launch of SSV’s mainnet, marking a significant step forward for decentralization by enabling more users to participate in the running of Proof-of-Stake networks. 

The great promise of SSV is that it will allow anyone to participate in ETH staking, without any limitations. Developers, node operators, stakers and even just fans of the concept are all welcomed to contribute to SSV’s launch. At the event, SSV will also announce its latest ecosystem partners and integrations, and detail its new SSV incentivization program, which is aimed at the earliest adopters and will enable stakers to earn an impressive 50% APR boost on staking rewards. 

Most important of all, the SSV Mainnet Call is a celebratory event that aims to mark one of the most significant advances in ETH staking since the network first switched to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Attendees will have a golden opportunity to explore what the future holds for DVT and the benefits it will provide to the Ethereum community at large. 

CfC St. Moritz 2024 - January 10-12

Another intimate crypto gathering featuring a carefully vetted group of crypto leaders, influencers and investors in the beautiful setting of the Swiss Alps. 

CfC St. Moritz 2024 is an application-only conference in which attendees must apply to claim an invite. It’s all about fostering a culture of connections, and to that end the entry list is restricted to just 250 individuals, including representatives of funds, family offices and institutional investors. The goal of the event is to try and unite traditional finance professionals with some of the key movers and shakers in the crypto industry, so they can identify and then achieve common goals. 

The event will take place over three days, in which thought leaders and senior representatives from various governments and supranational bodies, academia, the private sector and decentralized organizations will exchange their knowledge and ideas on digital assets, blockchain and how they can work with traditional finance. 

The organizers of CfC St. Moritz have put together an impressive list of speakers, including John Woods, CTO of the Algorand Foundation; Sheila Warren, CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation; Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares; Brian Quintenz, Global Head of Policy, a16z crypto; Eva Sanchez, Chief Legal Officer, GSR; Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO, Ledger; Yat Siu, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands; Emin Gün Sirer, Founder & CEO, Ava Labs; and Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder, Stacks.

Crypto Vision Conference - January 24

A small scale event taking place in Makati, Philippines, the Crypto Vision Conference promises to be much more than just a gathering. Rather, it wants to be a visionary experience in the heart of the crypto world, with a small number of renowned industry panelists looking to explore some of the hottest trends, challenges and prospects we can expect to see in the industry in 2024. 

A close-knit event that’s limited to just 100 attendees, it’s sure to be a very personal experience with unrivaled networking opportunities, and a place where visitors can expect to gain vital insights into the evolving crypto landscape. Panelists will include Gcash’s head of crypto Luis Buenaventura, one of the most renowned names in the Filipino crypto community. As the founder of the Cryptopop Art Guild, he is also a respected voice in international forums. Other panelists include Gilbert Lazaro, one of the top trading advisors in the Philippines, and Myrtle Anne Ramos, the founder and CEO of BlockTides and another prominent figure on the country’s crypto scene. 

There are good reasons to want to attend the Crypto Vision Conference, beginning with the vital insights into the crypto industry that the panelists will bring. In addition, it will also be an excellent place to network and gain connections with other crypto enthusiasts, founders, blockchain developers and more, as everyone likely to attend will have some kind of link with the crypto community. Finally, Crypto Vision Conference will also welcome two distinguished guests in Fermin D. Barrenechea III and James Genove, who won’t be speaking at the event, but will instead play important roles, introducing the panelists and moderating their discussions to guide the conversation across the most relevant topics in crypto today. . 

Bitcoin Day Naples - January 24

Bitcoin is quite unlike other cryptocurrencies. It’s the number one, original, OG king of crypto and unlike many of the other s***coins around, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Bitcoin is by far the most stable, secure and valuable cryptocurrency in the world and Bitcoin Day Naples is an annual event that provides a great opportunity for people to learn more about it and understand why it will always be a highly prized asset.

At the event, attendees will learn from some of the industry’s leading experts about the ins and outs of Bitcoin, and why it gives users complete control over their funds and transactions. During the event, there will be various sessions exploring concepts such as Bitcoin mining, how it works and how it secures the network, as well as the motivations behind its creation. 

Unlike other crypto conferences and exhibitions, Bitcoin Day Naples is a more personal experience, with attendees given the opportunity to engage with the speakers and others, fostering connections and a sense of community. 

The event organizers are targeting crypto enthusiasts, business owners interested in accepting Bitcoin payments, entrepreneurs looking to get into Bitcoin mining and other crypto-related businesses, as well as newcomers who’re just getting started on their crypto journeys.  

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