Sell the News? Prices Tumble after Bitcoin (BTC) Announcement, Pullix (PLX) Remains Strong Eyeing Another 50% Increase

Sell the News? Prices Tumble after Bitcoin (BTC) Announcement, Pullix (PLX) Remains Strong Eyeing Another 50% Increase

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While the ETF approval of Bitcoin (BTC) made waves across the crypto industry, the hype is gradually dropping. To hedge against Bitcoin's dropping momentum, investors are keeping tabs on Pullix which has raised over $4 million in less than 50 days. Find out what makes this one of the best crypto investment alternatives in Q1.

Pullix (PLX) Eye 50% Increase Despite Unfavorable Market Condition

While some altcoins have suffered as a result of the Bitcoin ETF increasing as anticipated, Pullixis triggering a rally among investors with the token set for another 50% increase soon. Pullix is a Web3 marketplace that combines the unique features of centralized and decentralized exchanges to create a hybrid system.

The platform offers a strategy tagged 'Not your keys, not your coins' where investors assume control of their assets without interference from third parties. This improves trust, enhances transparency, and contributes to robust security enhancement on the platform. Aside from this, Pullix uses automated tools to help investors make informed trading decisions, execute better orders, and allow novice traders to copy legendary crypto traders.

Furthermore, Pullix uses tons of features such as perpetual futures, contracts for differences, a lending protocol, and an NFT launchpad to help investors enjoy better investment opportunities. Pullix native utility token, PLX,  an ERC20 token, is used for transactions on the platform. The token which is on stage 6 of presale, is sold for $0.08 with over $4 million raised so far. The smart contract has been audited by the InterFi network while KYC verified by the BlockAuditteam to further prove the reliability of the Pullix platform.

By purchasing this token, investors will be eligible for fixed income from earnings on the platform and provide liquidity for automated market makers (AMM) on the platform. Analysts are bullish on the future of $PLX and are predicting it to skyrocket by 580% before the end of presale and 20x by launch. With these unique features and the projection of analysts, Pullix is currently one of the best DeFi tokens to invest in at the moment.

Bitcoin ETF Fails to Trigger Positive Price Actions for Holders

Investors were overjoyed when the news of the approval of the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF was announced. The approval was expected to trigger a bullish trajectory not only for Bitcoin but for many altcoins. However, contrary to expectations, the approval has not led to any significant profit for Bitcoin holders. Instead, Bitcoin has continued to plummet since the announcement.

In the past week, Bitcoin price has dropped by 12%, with the Bitcoin trading volume also experiencing a significant reduction. A look at the Bitcoin technical charts reveals that the token has also lost the Fear and Greed Index advantage. In early January, the Fear and Greed Index produced a value of 76 (extreme greed). Now, the metric is at a neutral level of 52.

However, some crypto analysts believe that the less-than-impressive performance of Bitcoin after the ETF saga is an avenue for buyers to accumulate at a lower price. As a result, many analysts are bullish about the prospects of Bitcoin surpassing the $44,500 next resistance level which might make BTC one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy and HODL now for long-term profits.

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