NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Defies Odds with Epic Rally – Is Optimism (OP) Next in Line for a Massive Breakout?

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Defies Odds with Epic Rally – Is Optimism (OP) Next in Line for a Massive Breakout?

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As the calendar turned to 2024, the cumulative value locked in Ethereum layer-2 (L2) blockchains outstripped that of their non-Ethereum counterparts. This phenomenon, playfully termed "the flippening" within the crypto community, caught many off guard. Back in 2021, only a fraction of Ethereum followers envisioned such a scenario, however, by January 2024, its L2s had rallied to secure a commanding $20.7 billion in value, marginally surpassing the $19.6 billion held across other blockchain platforms. Sifting through the numbers from L2Beat and DefiLlama, it's clear that Ethereum's L2 ecosystem is not just surviving but thriving, even as it navigates the rough waters of a broad market downturn and shakes off the fallout from 2022's Terra/Luna crash.

In this burgeoning environment, Optimism (OP), accounting for 28.65% of the L2 sector's TVL, vies for the top spot alongside Arbitrum. Despite recent market fluctuations, with a near 5% drop over recent weekends, OP's role in the L2 sphere remains critical. On another front, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is witnessing an upswing, marked by a 2% gain in the last day and a 7% increase over the past week, suggesting that investor interest in other pioneering blockchain technologies is still solid. 

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Optimism (OP) Price Analysis

Optimism (OP) has been in the crypto spotlight, especially after its impressive 70% ROI in December. But lately, there's been a bit of a cool-off, with OP's price graph showing a gentle decline. 

Source: TradingView

Currently, Optimism (OP) is navigating a tricky path, fluctuating between its first support level at $2.819 and the first resistance level at $4.208. This indicates the market's mixed emotions: there's excitement, but it's cautiously tempered.

Optimism (OP) Technical Indicators

Digging into the Optimism’s (OP) technical details reveals a complex tale. The Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) are a mixed bag: the EMA(10) at $3.524 and EMA(50) at $3.681 are hovering near OP's current trading range, casting some uncertainty over the short-term outlook. However, the EMA(200) provides a more stable backdrop at $3.264, suggesting a stronger long-term foundation. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 43.866 and the Stochastic %K at 35.172, hinting that OP might be undervalued and appealing to investors. 

But, there's a caveat: the MACD Level sits at a slightly bearish -0.051, and the low Average Directional Index (ADX) at 18.496, along with a Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -54.221, signal the market's current hesitance.

What’s Next for Optimism (OP)?

As for the future, Optimism (OP) has reasons to stay optimistic. Its recent tech advancements, including the network’s upgrade and hard fork, alongside the growing Total Value Locked (TVL) suggest a bright horizon. However, OP's journey is not isolated; it’s closely linked to Ethereum's performance. As such, any major shifts in Ethereum could sway Optimism’s (OP) trajectory: while there's potential for OP to rally again, especially if it can break past the resistance at $4.208 and eye the next levels at $4.949 and $6.338, investors should also be wary of the downside. 

A fall below the current support at $2.819 could see it testing lower thresholds at $2.171 and $0.782. In essence, while Optimism’s (OP) prospects look promising, it's wise for investors to stay attuned to both Ethereum's movements and the broader market sentiment, navigating through the crypto world's ever-changing dynamics.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Technical Analysis

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has recently demonstrated a remarkable resilience: against the backdrop of erratic Bitcoin prices and general market uncertainties, it has managed an impressive 6% rise in a week and a striking 54% surge over the past month. Currently, NEAR finds itself in a critical trading zone, oscillating between a significant support level at $2.87 and a notable resistance at $3.79. 

Source: TradingView

The potential for a substantial breakout, perhaps even hitting triple-digit gains, is underscored by the bullish continuation pattern emerging in its trading graph. This upbeat outlook is further reinforced by NEAR Foundation's achievements in 2023, especially the integration of three leading Web3 applications into the NEAR Protocol, catalyzing a more than 50% appreciation in NEAR's value since the beginning of the year.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Technical Indicators

Delving into the NEAR Protocol’s (NEAR) technicalities, the EMAs at 10, 50, and 200 days hover between $3.26 and $3.37, indicating a stable yet cautious trend. 

The RSI at 49.11 and Stochastic %K at 38.75 suggest a balanced market position for NEAR, neither leaning towards overbuying nor overselling, thereby leaving room for potential growth. 

However, the ADX at a tepid 18.98 signals a weak prevailing trend, and the CCI at -5.7, coupled with a slightly bearish MACD (-0.044), hints at investor hesitancy. 

Nonetheless, the modest Momentum indicator at 0.012 seems to echo NEAR Protocol's (NEAR) overall tenacity in recent market conditions.

What’s Next for NEAR Protocol (NEAR)?

Looking ahead, the bullish scenario for NEAR hinges on its ability to breach the immediate resistance at $3.79, setting its sights on further highs at $4.27 and potentially stretching towards the $5.19 mark. Such an ascent would align with the bullish continuation pattern currently suggested by its market behavior. 

On the flip side, in a bearish turn of events, a dip below the $2.87 support could see NEAR Protocol (NEAR) sliding towards lower grounds at $2.44 and potentially down to $1.53. These potential movements might be swayed by the recent strategic shifts within the NEAR Foundation, particularly the substantial downsizing in key departments. Despite these internal changes and the status of its robust treasury, the NEAR Foundation's financial stability remains a key factor that could influence investor confidence and, consequently, NEAR's market dynamics in the coming period.


In the intricate tapestry of the crypto market, both NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Optimism (OP) stand out as entities of significant interest, each charting its unique course. NEAR Protocol (NEAR), distinctly not an Ethereum L2, has demonstrated a robust resilience and a bullish trend, with its price movement oscillating between critical support and resistance levels. NEAR's price has bounced between support and resistance as its resilience enables further growth. On the other hand, Optimism (OP), a key player in the Ethereum L2 landscape, navigates a more nuanced path. Despite recent fluctuations and market hesitancy indicated by various technical indicators, OP's overall ecosystem growth and close ties with Ethereum suggest an optimistic future. Both NEAR and OP, each in their unique ecosystems, embody the volatile yet promising nature of the crypto world. Their journeys, shaped by shifting market currents and their own strides, are packed with diverse prospects and hurdles – true to the dynamic world of blockchain.

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