It’s not bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) to hold through the crypto bull market - it’s solana (SOL)

It’s not bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) to hold through the crypto bull market - it’s solana (SOL)

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For monetary freedom it has to be Bitcoin, and for the most secure layer one it’s Ethereum, but for the smartest and fastest tech and for holding through the crypto bull market, Solana is the one.

When it comes to the crypto coins or tokens that might be held through the rest of this crypto bull market, there is no doubt that there is plenty of choice. That said, the vast majority of cryptocurrencies will go to zero, and this is as certain as it is for all fiat currencies, given that not one of these have escaped this fate throughout history.

Back to crypto, and many speculators and investors must be wondering what to go with through this crypto bull market. For one, it’s probably best to have a lower risk portfolio, with most of the value in the top ranking cryptocurrencies, and a small portion in those considered high risk.

Bitcoin the obvious choice

Bitcoin is the obvious choice for the safest place to invest. Bitcoin isn’t just about ‘number go up’, although it might be assumed that $BTC could at least double in value from here. 

Bitcoin is mostly about freedom. Freedom to transact with whoever you want. Freedom from intervention from government and their agencies, or indeed from any other third party. Bitcoin allows anyone to protect their wealth and have to have the right to spend it how they wish.

Ethereum perceived to make better gains

Ethereum is a very different kettle of fish. It is a proof-of-stake blockchain network, which means that he, she, or they, who have the most stake, have the most say in the network. 

This said, Ethereum is among the most used blockchains, it is extremely secure, and has attracted the most developers for building out the blockchain and for developing on top of it. Given that its market cap is a third that of Bitcoin, and its value as perceived by the market is likely to grow quicker than Bitcoin, $ETH is potentially a better buy than $BTC, but obviously for bigger gains, rather than more freedom.

Solana incredible value

And then we come to Solana (SOL). It has to first be acknowledged that Solana as a blockchain is far more centralised than either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The technology is newer and so has not been as tried and tested. Pre 2022, the Solana network was halted on a number of occasions.

That being said, Solana is just about the fastest layer 1 blockchain out there. Its new Firedancer validator client is capable (in testing) of the same speed as the US Nasdaq exchange.

The Solana ecosystem is growing fast, and transactions are ridiculously cheap compared with Bitcoin or Ethereum. No layer 2 is necessary, as scaling and speed is already built into layer 1.

$SOL looks to be incredibly good value, given that the market cap of $SOL is 6 times less than that of $ETH. Therefore, for bigger gains than either $BTC or $ETH in this crypto bull market, $SOL could be the one.

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