Immutable zkEVM Debuts on QuickNode for Enhanced Web3 Gaming Development

Immutable zkEVM Debuts on QuickNode for Enhanced Web3 Gaming Development

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The platform aims to offer developers a more scalable and secure, low-fee platform to enhance the development of futuristic Web 3 games.  

Web 3 infrastructure platform QuickNode announced the launch of Immutable zkEVM, a Layer 2 blockchain games development blockchain on its platform, this week. Immutable zkEVM aims to bring seamless Web 3 games development to QuickNode, combining the compatibility of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with high scalability and Ethereum-grade security for web3 games. 

Immutable zkEVM is a first-of-its-kind blockchain that aims to revolutionize blockchain gaming development by providing a scalable, low-fee, and secure platform to developers and players. The platform also provides developers with EVM compatibility, to ensure the seamless building of Web 3 games while leveraging the security of the Ethereum blockchain. Launched by Immutable Group, the platform provides a suite of building tools that enhance the development of advanced gameplay with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and on-chain mechanics.

On the launch of Immutable zkEVM on QuickNode, Dmitry Shklovsky, CEO of QuickNode, praised the efforts of the Polygon-based chain, stating: 

"This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance blockchain technology in the gaming sector. By blending EVM compatibility, scalability, and Ethereum security, we're setting new standards for gaming experiences and empowering developers and players in unparalleled ways.”

The launch on QuickNode will allow gaming developers and users to unlock the potential of Ethereum capabilities, scale their platforms to global audiences and minimize transaction costs. Crucially, players will enjoy gas-free gameplay, ensuring games have mass adoption due to their affordability and better gaming experiences. 

According to a team spokesperson from Immutable zkEVM, QuickNode was chosen as its preferred blockchain infrastructure due to its seamless development tools. QuickNode will allow game studios to build Web 3 games without worrying about other development obstacles such as running a node, DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, etc. This will save developers time and resources, which can be placed into developing better games and marketing purposes. 

 “This is a huge leap forward in our ongoing effort to democratize access to high-quality blockchain infrastructure, and we can’t wait to see the incredible gaming experiences our community will create with this powerful new tool,” Shklovsky added. 

Immutable zkEVM Launches Early Access For Its Mainnet

The latest move to QuickNode is coupled with the early access launch of Immutable zkEVM’s mainnet. The platform, powered by Polygon is set to extend the gaming development capabilities on the platform, allowing developers to build futuristic games and unlocking new revenue streams for gaming studios. In addition, players will have better gaming experiences on the ‘frictionless and seamless’ platform, as well as unprecedented control over their digital assets. 

Gaming titles such as Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, Treeverse, Cool Cats, BADMAD Robots, Space Nation, Eyeball Games, and Imaginary Ones have already committed to launch on the Immutable zkEVM mainnet platform. 

In an effort to support Web 3 game development, Immutable zkEVM will also provide a testnet environment, allowing game developers to innovate in a sandbox. Developers can now develop and test new in-game asset tokenomics and economic designs while accessing all building tools without risk. 

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