HAQQ Strikes Partnership With GoMeat to Streamline US Halal Meat Availability

HAQQ Strikes Partnership With GoMeat to Streamline US Halal Meat Availability

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Ethics-first blockchain ecosystem HAQQ has struck a strategic partnership with the pioneer decentralized home delivery service GoMeat. The collaboration aims to streamline the availability of halal meat and other food products in the US.

HAQQ: Blockchain Meets Islamic Finance

HAQQ’s ethics-first state-of-the-art financial network is based on a native Layer 1 EVM-equivalent blockchain. Due to the equivalence with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, HAQQ supports smart contracts and dApps from other EVM chains. Built on the Cosmos SDK, the blockchain allows seamless value exchanges with other Cosmos-based blockchains via the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

HAQQ is powered by the Proof-of-Stake-based and Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) Tendermint Core consensus engine, which gives it the capability to handle thousands of transactions per second (TPS), and offers fast transaction finality with a 6-second block time.

With Islamic Coin ($ISLM) as its native digital currency, HAQQ's ethics-first financial ecosystem is fully Shariah-compliant. The community-run chain is governed by Islamic finance principles, promoting innovation, philanthropy, and transparency: the network prohibits haram activities and unethical business practices like riba (interest charged on deposits or loans) and encourages risk-sharing and ethical investing.

10% of each $ISLM issuance is deposited into the Evergreen DAO to invest in Islam-related ventures, donate to Muslim charities, and create direct economic value. Islamic Coin meets all the criteria of a halal asset, which is confirmed by a Fatwa granted to the project. 

GoMeat, Advancing the US Specialty Meat Market

As part of a blockchain-based digital marketplace, GoMeat transforms how specialty meat is distributed across the US. Launched in 2019, it bridges a gap between consumers and certified halal retail stores to cater to the country’s fast-growing market. 

Aiming to address the halal and kosher meat industry's existing challenges, GoMeat utilizes blockchain and decentralized technology to offer its customers seamless authentication and traceability, competitive pricing, and efficient order processing.

With an app and web version available, the service connects customers directly with local specialty meat stores and restaurants: GoMeat users take advantage of increased convenience, variety, and easy access to halal and kosher food products through on-demand orders and home delivery services. 

Supercharged GoMeat App To Benefit Consumers and Merchants

Through the new collaboration between the two organizations, GoMeat will expand the network of stores and halal restaurants available through the app so users can enjoy an even more diverse range of halal food options.

The partnership will kickstart a series of planned enhancements to the service. HAQQ will offer its expertise to extend GoMeat’s features and functionalities, making the app more intuitive and responsive. With HAQQ’s advanced blockchain technologies, GoMeat users will benefit from increased transparency and traceability.

Besides that, GoMeat will integrate the HAQQ Wallet to unlock new payment options, offering more flexibility for both merchants and consumers. Furthermore, alongside the service's native GoMeat Token ($GOMT), users will be able to send and receive funds in an extensive list of cryptocurrencies, including $ISLM.

The Road Ahead

At the next stage, GoMeat will integrate AI-driven features to personalize user experience, forecast store demand, and enhance supply chain management. The transition will be facilitated by SingularityNET, HAQQ's partner and a leader in decentralized AI. As part of the joint efforts, the organizations will tailor their blockchain solutions to suit regional needs with a critical focus on the unique demands of diverse US communities, maximizing usability while minimizing user friction.

According to HAQQ Co-Founder Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, the key focus of the partnership is to discover new ways that could benefit the community. Stressing his organization's commitment to "giving back," AlHashmi seeks to fulfill user demands and support local events with the new deal with GoMeat.

“Focusing on how we could benefit the community was key to our partnership with GoMeat. We are committed to giving back: by reacting to people’s needs, and supporting local events,” says Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, HAQQ Co-founder. "We offer frequent promotional campaigns to our customers from across communities in the USA to take advantage of the lowest halal meat and food prices as available on our app with the convenience of home delivery.  Our collaborations with Islamic Centers across the USA ensures each GoMeat app signup will result in a donation of $1 directly for community needs”.

“This partnership is an important milestone for the US specialty food sector, and Web3 on the whole. By bringing in blockchain and AI technologies, HAQQ and GoMeat will enhance the authentication and transparency of halal meat products in the region and boost the universal adoption of advanced technologies — all while fostering a sense of community”, added GoMeat Co-Founder Waqas Siddiqi. 

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