Best Altcoins to Buy This Week with High Potential

Best Altcoins to Buy This Week with High Potential

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The approval of bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission marks a significant milestone for the crypto industry. Nearly a dozen ETFs, backed by major investment firms such as BlackRock Inc. and Fidelity Investments, commenced trading on January 11. These ETFs provide investors with a streamlined avenue to leverage Bitcoin's value without the complexities of direct ownership.

After these ETFs hit the market, Bitcoin and some altcoins took off. However, this surge was subsequently followed by a retracement. Bitcoin experienced three consecutive days of losses through Sunday, marking its lengthiest losing streak since mid-December. Amidst this dynamic financial landscape, emerging tokens like Aptos (APT), Sui (SUI), Sei (SEI), Polygon (MATIC), Hashflow (HFT), and PawFury (PAW) are gaining prominence, capturing investors’ attention this week.  

PawFury: A New Era in Play-to-Earn Gaming

PawFury's presale has gained traction in the crypto and gaming industries, achieving a notable milestone with total sales reaching over $70,000. As this pioneering play-to-earn platform garners attention from stakeholders, it emerges as a symbol of innovation within the industry.

The presale phase of PawFury caters to more than a token sale; it provides an avenue for stakeholders in a future that seamlessly integrates gaming and financial opportunities. With each passing hour, the price of $PAW Tokens increases, signifying rising demand and presenting early stakeholders with substantial growth potential. Currently, 1 $PAW Token is priced at just $0.00384, maintaining a consistent upward trend.

The presale's pinnacle moment arrives with PawFury's market entry at a listing price of $0.0200 per token, marking a substantial 455% increase from the presale price. This notable surge demonstrates the potential for early stakeholders to realize considerable returns as the listing date approaches.

Join the PawFury Presale and Shape the World of Play-to-Earn Gaming! 

Aptos (APT): Recent Milestone and Its Impact on Market Dynamics

Aptos (APT) has recently achieved a significant milestone as 24 million tokens, valued at over $260 million, were unlocked. This development represents more than 8% of the total working capital, marking a crucial juncture for Aptos (APT). While the market witnessed varying trading volumes, reaching a peak of over $700 million in early January, there has been a recent decline in the price of Aptos (APT), reflecting some fluctuations in recent trading sessions.

As of now, Aptos (APT) is trading within the range of $9.2921 to $11.8927. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) stands at $10.1561, and the 100-day SMA is at $9.6195. Notably, Aptos is encountering a resistance level at $14.4932, while support levels are observed at $8.1826 and $6.6915.

Notably, the release of a significant number of tokens has the potential to significantly change market dynamics. Despite the positive outlook on trading volume momentum, the increased token supply may introduce price fluctuations. Investors should closely monitor how the market responds to this influx of Aptos tokens (APT), as it could either stabilize the situation or introduce significant volatility.

Sui (SUI): Breakout of Key Upside Threshold  

Sui (SUI) is displaying a favorable trend after breaking above the key upside threshold and reaching the level of $1.44 last registered in May 2023. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Awesome Oscillator (AO) paint an optimistic picture, suggesting a potential continuation of the upward trajectory in SUI. Social dominance and volume indicators further indicate a growing interest in this coin.

As of now, Sui (SUI) is trading within the range of $1.1114 and $1.5008. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) stands at $1.4108, and the 100-day SMA is at $1.2215, suggesting a bullish outlook. Support levels are identified at $0.8615 and $0.4721, while resistance levels are observed at $1.1757 and $1.576.

There is notable potential for Sui (SUI) to experience a breakout, potentially yielding a 45% gain, reaching resistance levels at $1.7507 and possibly $2.3900. However, one should factor in the possibility of profit-taking, which could lead to a decline below immediate support, challenging the bullish tone.  

Sei (SEI) Surges Over 1,500% Since Inception

Sei (SEI) has undergone substantial growth, witnessing an impressive surge of over 1,500% since its introduction. Notably, Sei's blockchain, tailored for cryptocurrency trading, proudly stands as the industry's fastest, boasting transaction completion within a rapid 380 milliseconds.

As of the latest data, Sei (SEI) is trading within the range of $0.6978 and $0.8086. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) is positioned at $0.7036, while the 100-day SMA stands at $0.5846. Key support levels are identified at $0.5822 and $0.4714, with resistance levels noted at $0.9242 and $1.1506.

The future trajectory of Sei (SEI) in the market presents a dynamic landscape of potential and challenges. The buzz around decentralized trading and the latest blockchain tech is drawing more eyes, but one should not forget about rapid price swings happening in the crypto realm quite often.

Polygon (MATIC) Fuels 2024 Dominance Speculations

Amid a buzz of excitement, Polygon's (MATIC) recent trading volume outperforming Ethereum has sparked serious chatter about its potential to top the crypto charts by 2024. Polygon's surge in trading volume gets even more interesting with their latest move to update the calculation of transaction fees.

As of the latest data, Polygon (MATIC) is trading within the range of $0.730 to $0.951. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) sits at $0.854, while the 100-day SMA is at $0.882. Key support levels are identified at $0.624 and $0.403, with resistance levels noted at $1.066 and $1.287.

Despite a bearish trend casting a shadow over the future of the Polygon (MATIC) market, glimpses of growth emerge, propelled by recent technological innovations and robust trading activity. However, the ongoing market downturn poses a significant challenge, notwithstanding Polygon's (MATIC) optimistic outlook regarding growth and trading volumes. The potential for Polygon (MATIC) to ascend higher on the market ladder remains contingent on its ability to adapt to evolving trends and introduce innovative ideas.

Hashflow (HFT) Gains Traction in Decentralized Exchange Arena 

Hashflow (HFT) is stepping up its game with the latest enhancements, focusing on seamless cross-chain trades and tech upgrades to stay ahead in the DEX race. Evidently, Hashflow (HFT) is strategically positioning itself to enhance competitiveness within the thriving DEX market.

As of the latest data, Hashflow (HFT) is trading within the range of $0.3017 and $0.4409. The 10-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) stands at $0.3449, while the 100-day SMA is at $0.3166. Key support levels are identified at $0.231 and $0.0918, with resistance levels noted at $0.5094 and $0.6486.

Looking forward, Hashflow (HFT) is stepping into a world full of chances and hurdles. To grow, Hashflow needs creative and adaptive cross-chain trading options tailored to decentralized exchange users. But, for Hashflow, the tricky part is finding its own special place in a market that's already bustling with options. It needs to grab the attention of a bunch of users to show them what makes it different and special.


The recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. Cryptocurrencies have attracted more mainstream notice since the recent SEC approval of Bitcoin ETFs. While Bitcoin and some altcoins experienced a surge following the ETFs' introduction, subsequent retracements and dynamic market conditions have created opportunities and challenges for various tokens.

Aptos (APT) stands at a crucial juncture with the recent unlocking of 24 million tokens. Sui (SUI) displays a favorable trend, breaking above a key upside threshold and showing potential for a breakout. Sei (SEI) has witnessed remarkable growth, surging over 1,500% since inception. Polygon (MATIC) has fueled speculations about dominating the market by 2024, outperforming Ethereum in recent trading volumes. With a nod to Polygon's momentum, Hashflow (HFT) is shaking up the decentralized trading scene by introducing slick cross-chain functionality for seamless asset exchanges.

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