Analyst Tony Bull Says Litecoin (LTC) Chart Looks "Insanely Bullish", Could Pullix (PLX) Be Even More Bullish?

Analyst Tony Bull Says Litecoin (LTC) Chart Looks "Insanely Bullish", Could Pullix (PLX) Be Even More Bullish?

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Tony Bull, an analyst, is bullish on Litecoin and has described the cryptocurrency's chart as "insanely bullish." Now, the most important question is if Pullix can surpass this and show more bullish movement. Let's find out.

Litecoin (LTC) Chart Looks "Insanely Bullish:" Analyst Tony Bull

Tony "the Bull," a famous cryptocurrency expert, expressed optimism about Litecoin on X. He focused on Litecoin's monthly candlestick patterns, claiming that they imply a potential increase in its value soon.

Simply put, Tony "The Bull" calls what he sees on the monthly chart "insanely bullish" for Litecoin. This is fantastic news for Litecoin enthusiasts, particularly given the cryptocurrency's terrible performance in 2023.

At the time, the Litecoin price dropped from $115 to below $70. The analyst's positive prediction mirrors his earlier study of Litecoin's "SuperTrend" indicator. This indication also predicted significant price increases in the near future.

However, despite this positive sentiment, Litecoin enthusiasts are still hoping for a recovery from recent losses. The weekly chart shows that the Litecoin price has been very stable and within a small range. According to CoinMarketCap, the altcoin has been trading between $66.78 and $72.51 in the past week.

Can Pullix (PLX) Give More Bullish Gains Than Litecoin?

Pullix (PLX) is becoming a top contender in the DeFi project space. As the key token of the Pullix exchange, PLX is valued at $0.08 right now. Analysts see the altcoin giving more gains than Litecoin considering its low price, low market cap and connection to more markets other than cryptocurrencies.

PLX has multiple functions within the Pullix exchange. You can stake it to earn rewards, use it for trading, or swap it with other tokens. The DeFi cryptocurrency is more than just a token; it is a valuable asset. Owning PLX also means you get a share in the platform's profits. Pullix is developing a hybrid exchange aimed at revolutionizing trading.

Pullix exchange is an original solution, which combines the capacities of centralized and decentralized systems. Moreover, this DeFi project features institutional trading tools with OpenAI technology. This is the same OpenAI that created ChatGPT. These tools enhance traders' smart trading, aid order fulfillment, and enable investors to copy the strategies of profitable traders.

One should also bear in mind that Pullix operates on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning security and interoperability with a bigger DeFi ecosystem is guaranteed. Finally, the exchange is user-oriented, with one of the easiest interfaces for trading.


While Litecoin failed to attract much attention, investors might prefer the more propitious new token, Pullix. Factors that lead to a major rally for the DeFi cryptocurrency to positive growth in 2024 include the OTC and FX markets, alongside PLX's utility.

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