Orbs Gets Its Own Dedicated Page On StakingRewards

Orbs Gets Its Own Dedicated Page On StakingRewards

The StakingRewards platform has announced the creation of a dedicated guide to staking the ORBS cryptocurrency token as part of an ongoing revamp of its website. The new guide offers a detailed look at the goals of the Orbs Layer-3 infrastructure project and what it’s trying to achieve, as well as a practical guide for users wishing to stake the native ORBS token. 

Orbs is the pioneer of a Layer-3, virtual chain infrastructure that aims to enable fast, cross-chain transactions at low cost and high speeds, as part of its mission to make blockchain more accessible for users and applications. One of its main products is the Liquidity Hub protocol, which provides an optimization layer for DEXs that sits above their automated market maker, allowing them to tap external liquidity to deliver better price quotes. 

Other products created by Orbs include dTWAP, which stands for “decentralized time-weighted average price”, and allows traders to minimize the effects of price slippage on larger orders that may be executed in multiple steps. In addition, its dLIMIT offering, a “decentralized limit order” protocol, enables the optimal and reliable execution of limit orders for DEX platforms. 

The beauty of Orbs’ ecosystem is that any DEX platform can integrate its protocols to deliver a superior trading experience to their users. But like many other decentralized networks, it relies on staking of its native tokens to maintain security and validate transactions. 

As a result, the addition of a dedicated staking guide on StakingRewards promises to be a big boon for Orbs. StakingRewards is one of the industry’s top platforms for DeFi users, acting as an aggregator of staking data and providing a comprehensive breakdown of the industry’s staking ecosystem, helping investors to identify the most promising rewards-generating opportunities. Its website provides simple instructions on how to participate in proof-of-stake networks to validate transactions and earn rewards. It delivers a number of essential metrics that can help users to decide where to stake their PoS assets. 

On the ORBS staking page, users will be able to find tons of valuable information on things like the token’s net staking flow, current APR, risk/rewards, percentage of tokens and wallets staked, and other data. The performance of staked ORBS can be tracked over time, and users can even monitor the current token flow, to view asset inflows and outflows at a glance. 

By using the ORBS guide on StakingRewards, users can compare the token with opportunities elsewhere in the PoS staking market. The site includes an integrated calculator that enables users to calculate how many rewards they stand to earn, while adjusting for variables such as compounding or non-compounding, Orbs said. 

Users can also dig in to reveal more in-depth information about the ORBS staking ecosystem, viewing data on the leading ORBS staking providers, known in the Orbs’ community as “Guardians”. From here, users can quickly assess the performance of each Guardian and select the one who best aligns with their needs. For those who’re staking ORBS for the first time, StakingRewards provides a step-by-step guide on how to do so 

With the addition of Orbs, StakingRewards now tracks more than 160 yield-bearing assets and over 17,000 professional staking providers, acting as an essential onramp for anyone looking to take advantage of crypto’s passive income generating opportunities.

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