Join “Hashrate Race” with 5,000 USDT Prize Pool and Mine Kaspa on emcd. with Zero Fees

Join “Hashrate Race” with 5,000 USDT Prize Pool and Mine Kaspa on emcd. with Zero Fees

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Kaspa (KAS), one of the hottest coins in 2023, is now available on the emcd. Mining pool. Start mining KAS on emcd. with zero fees for the first month using a promo code and take part in the Hashrate Race” challenge with a 5,000 USDT prize pool until January 31, 2024.

emcd., a top-10 mining pool globally, joined forces with the Kaspa project to roll out a fantastic promotion for KAS miners with prizes, zero fees, and tangible gifts. Mining has never been this rewarding before!

Forget about fees. emcd. is waiving them for the first month for all KAS miners until January 31, 2024. To grab this deal, simply use the promo code KASPA when registering.
Take part in the giveaway of 5,000 USDT. Join the exciting "Hashrate Race," the ultimate mining challenge. Start mining KAS on emcd. before January 31, 2024, and the miner with the largest amount of mined coins walks away with 1,000 USDT.
Mine Kaspa and get 100 USDT. Until the end of January, emcd. is organizing airdrops with a total value of 2,000 USDT and is rewarding twenty KAS miners with 100 USDT.
Spread the word about KAS mining on emcd. and win 1,000 USDT. Introduce new KAS miners to emcd. and enjoy generous bonuses. The top three miners, based on the number of Kaspa coins mined by their referrals during the promotion period, will receive 300, 600, and 1,000 USDT, respectively.

Double the Gains: Mining KAS on the emcd. Mining Pool

By connecting to KAS coin mining on emcd., miners unlock access to the full range of services within the emcd. ecosystem, enhancing the opportunities of cryptocurrency mining. The ecosystem provides all the essentials for efficient mining:

Secure crypto wallet for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies, featuring free withdrawals to external wallets.
Coinhold interest account with an annual income of up to 12% for storing cryptocurrencies.
P2P platform with trusted partners, offering the flexibility to exchange coins in over 100 convenient ways.

Miners are encouraged to choose what to do with their mined coins, whether to swap them for a different cryptocurrency, convert them to fiat or maximize their assets by storing them in a Coinhold interest account.

Eager to join Hashrate Race”? Pass the registration and don't forget to use the promo code KASPA. To start KAS mining on emcd., specify the wallet address (either internal within the emcd. ecosystem or external), indicate the number of coins for auto withdrawal, and configure your equipment. Rewards for mining KAS are credited daily.

In addition to KAS, emcd. Mining pool offers the opportunity to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOGE, DASH, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash.

Kaspa, Miner’s Choice in 2023

Kaspa (KAS) is the most profitable coin for mining in 2023. According to the analytical service Whattomine, KAS showcases a daily profitability of $125, given a computing power of 8.3 TH/s and an electricity cost of $0.01 per kWh.

KAS can be mined using both ASICs and graphics processing units (GPUs). The specifications pertain solely to GPU memory, requiring a minimum of 3 GB, and the ASIC's hashing algorithm, known as kHeavyHash. Mining equipment manufacturers such as Bitmain and Iceriver have already rolled out computing machines for KAS mining.

KAS operates as the native coin on the decentralized Layer 1 open-source Kaspa blockchain, employing a novel Proof of Work-Time (PoWT) consensus algorithm. This ensures robust security and unparalleled throughput. In the Kaspa blockchain, blocks are created in parallel, leading to exceptionally low transaction fees.

Embodying the principles of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Kaspa blockchain demonstrates a remarkable speed, completing transactions in under one second. Surpassing the transaction speeds of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, KAS is seen as an attractive option for use as a payment system.

Unlock the full potential of mining. Mine Kaspa with emcd., score prizes, and share the excitement with your friends!

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