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Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Crosses the $1M Milestone: Why the Stake-to-Mine Token is Trending Despite Crypto Crash

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Crosses the $1M Milestone: Why the Stake-to-Mine Token is Trending Despite Crypto Crash

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The Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) presale just crossed the $1 million milestone, paying no heed to the prevailing downward trends in the broader market. In fact, the presale has been recording a surge in traffic over the past few days.

The trend suggests that investors might be reallocating their funds from underperforming assets that are likely to prove to be riskier with time. They are opting for promising presales to secure new tokens with high growth potential at discounted prices.

A New Bitcoin Derivative With Compelling Crypto Passive Income 

The key highlight of Bitcoin Minetrix is its unique crypto passive income module known as "stake-to-mine”. The advanced mechanism enables users to stake their BTCMTX tokens in exchange for non-transferable mining credits. 

As expected, the novel cloud mining concept has quickly gained popularity within cryptocurrency communities, drawing attention and interest in a short period.

In the midst of a crowded field of new cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Minetrix stands out for several compelling reasons.

High Market Relevance and Remarkable Growth Potential

The key to understanding Bitcoin Minetrix's growing popularity lies in its unique stake-to-mine system and how it lowers the financial and technical barriers to BTC mining. 

While traditional Bitcoin mining has historically been the domain of individuals and companies with massive initial investment capital and advanced technical knowledge, Bitcoin Minetrix promises to change the scenario for the better. 

Although the price of Bitcoin has been declining, the downtrend will be short-lived. With Bitcoin halving scheduled for next year, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency is preparing for a steep jump further up the charts and possibly reclaim its all-time high. Some experts predict that the next Bitcoin halving could drive the BTC price to as high as $100,000.

BTC mining remains a highly lucrative source of income. But sadly, it is technically and financially inaccessible as far as most crypto investors are concerned. 

It has been the inspiration for the launch of Bitcoin Minetrix. 

In a unique move, it introduces a stake-to-mine system that is user-friendly and budget-friendly. More importantly, BTC mining with Bitcoin Minetrix is a reliable source of crypto passive income. In other words, you need not put in any time or effort to earn mining rewards on the platform.  

The project allows a broad range of retail investors to participate in Bitcoin mining and enjoy the potential rewards it offers.

How to Earn Non-Transferable Mining Credits on Bitcoin Minetrix?

You can get started on Bitcoin Minetrix by purchasing $BTCMTX. 

The token serves as the primary currency for payment and rewards within the ecosystem. That explains the massive influx of investors to the ongoing $BTCMTX presale which comes at heavily discounted prices. 

You can buy as many $BTCMTX tokens as your budget allows. That’s the only initial investment the platform requires. Unlike traditional BTC mining and cloud mining where the initial investment is often a large sum of money or hardware, $BTCMTX can be sold on crypto exchanges any time you want. 

It is the primary investment asset of the project as well, designed to experience value appreciation as the Bitcoin Minetrix ecosystem continues to grow and attract a larger user base.

The growing interest in the project and the crypto passive income opportunity will cater to the token's value appreciation. 

Once the purchase is made, the next step is to visit the crypto staking module, where you can lock your tokens into the smart contract. From there, your account will begin accumulating rewards over time.

Since the stake-to-mine module is not yet live, you can begin earning crypto staking rewards (in the form of $BTCMTX tokens) starting from the presale stage. When the stake-to-mine module goes live, you'll get non-transferable cloud mining credits instead, which can be converted into BTC mining rewards. 

Tokenization gives the project flexibility and eliminates the need for an initial hardware investment by tapping into the physical and technical resources of large mining companies. 

The tokens can be staked and unstaked at your convenience, providing you with greater control over your assets. For example, the stake-to-mine credits within the Bitcoin Minetrix system are non-transferable ERC20 tokens. This design choice was deliberate to strengthen security and discourage potential hacks or thefts. 

The security audit from Coinsult adds an additional layer of security to the ecosystem. 

Will $BTCMTX Pump Like BTC?

BTC is the world’s largest cryptocurrency with its market cap at a massive $530B. $BTCMTX, being a derivative of BTC, is unlikely to pump like BTC. 

But $BTCMTX will outperform BTC in the coming two to three years due to its low initial market cap and the large room for growth. It can give substantially larger returns than BTC on its token launch. From the perspective of an investor, that’s what matters the most. 

It is best not to wait until the official launch of Bitcoin Minetrix. It will be an expensive move given the growing FOMO surrounding the project. Analysts predict that the rising momentum could lead to a significant price increase upon BTCMTX's initial exchange listings. 

To participate in the presale and secure Bitcoin Minetrix at the lowest price, visit the official Bitcoin Minetrix website

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