Highlighting This Month's Crypto Front-Runners: Borroe Finance, Arbitrum, and NEAR Protocol

Highlighting This Month's Crypto Front-Runners: Borroe Finance, Arbitrum, and NEAR Protocol

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For those aiming to expand their crypto investments this month, Borroe Finance ($ROE),Arbitrum ($ARB), and NEAR Protocol ($NEAR) stand as top contenders in the crypto market. As $ARB submitted a proposal for integration of Celo and Arbitrum's Orbit tech stack, $NEAR surged in transactions after the NEAT appearance. Besides that, $ROE has progressed to Stage 3 presale with amazing gains. Let’s explore which are the top altcoins to invest in.


$ROE Is the New Contender to Watch Out

Amid the crypto giants in the crypto world, Borroe Finance ($ROE) is a relatively new prospect that has been taking significant strides with excellent presale stages. With a seamless combination of AI and blockchain technology, Borroe Finance stands as a front-runner in transforming the DeFi and NFT spaces.

Evolving as the world’s first Web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace, Borroe Finance has amassed huge attention across the globe. Adding to the allure, $ROEhas a simple fee structure and possesses full cost transparency.

What’s even more intriguing is that Borroe Finance is not just creating another digital currency but also reimagining financial solutions for the future. Borroe Finance empowers apeer-to-peer ecosystem, enabling buyers to trade discounted invoice NFTs on secondary markets easily.

As the presale commences, $ROE is in Stage 3, priced at 0.0175. So far, Borroe Financehas already sold over 174 million $ROE tokens, making a whopping $1.9 million project raise. Investors are looking to add Borroe Finance to their portfolio as $ROE becomes the best cryptocurrency to invest in this month.

Early investors from Stage 1 who paid $0.01 will embark on Borroe Finance’s exciting journey as $ROE is bound to give 400% ROI after reaching $0.04.


Celo Community Faces Proposal for Integration of Arbitrum’s Orbit Tech Stack

Nina Rong, the Head of Ecosystem Development at the Arbitrum Foundation, initiated a proposal to the Celo community on December 12. The proposal revolves around the potential integration of Celo and Arbitrum's Orbit tech stack, which builds customizable Layer 2and Layer 3 chains based on Arbitrum’s optimistic technology.

On December 12, $ARB was trading around $1.15. Following the proposal, the $ARB price movement followed a mixed pattern, trading above neutral levels. However, the overall sentiment of $ARB has shown an optimistic outlook.

So, $ARB remains stagnant at $1.15 on December 15, marking small gains of 0.87%. On the other hand, Arbitrum’s technical indicator RSI sits at 53.19, and SMA-14 is above the centerline at 56.78, prompting the bullish nature of $ARB.

Furthermore, MACD indicates more strength in positive momentum. Therefore, experts anticipate that if Arbitrum maintains bullish momentum, $ARB might reach $1.40 by the start of 2024. This makes $ARB the top crypto to buy this month.

NEAT Inscription Boosts NEAR Protocol

On November 28, NEAT noted its first appearance on the NEAR Protocol. With this, there was a sudden spike in transactions in NEAR Protocol as $NEAR became the latest Layer-1 blockchain with NEAT inscription on board.

Moreover, NEAR Protocol gained $173,000 in fees, highlighting a 68% jump in revenue due to an increase in activity. On November 28, NEAR Protocol was trading at $1.75 and surged to $2.32 on December 15, representing an excellent 32.57% surge in the price of $NEAR.

This impressive uphill increase in the $NEAR price made its resistance level $2.75.Technical indicators like RSI show that the NEAR Protocol has already reached the oversold condition. Therefore, a sell-off of $NEAR is expected soon.

Despite an optimistic trend in the $NEAR chart, experts predict that the NEAR Protocol will face short-term correction. They boast that $NEAR can climb up to $2.60 by the start of 2024, which proves that $NEAR is one of the best cryptos to invest in.

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