Daan Crypto Trades Predicts Chainlink Price – Pullix to Introduce a Burning Feature

Daan Crypto Trades Predicts Chainlink Price – Pullix to Introduce a Burning Feature

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Chainlink (LINK) token prices still have the capability to surge despite some recent weakness within the past two weeks. Through a recent post on X (Twitter), major crypto analyst DaanCrypto Trades noted how LINK is looking solid after breaking out from the 500+ day trading range it was stuck under. Pullix (PLX) is also showcasing solid performance, and this can be attributed to its unique approach towards revolutionizing the TradFi space.

Chainlink (LINK) to Explode Over $20 Soon Based on Daan Crypto Trades Data

Chainlink (LINK) experienced a total price upswing of 92% in the past year and 30% during the past month alone. Daan Crypto Trades explains that Chainlink crypto has a good reason through which it's kept up with this strength after breaking away from such a lengthy technical barrier at the $6 to $15 zone.

Breaking free from the heavy overhead supply zones frequently kicks off extended rallies, as is the case with fundamentally sound cryptocurrencies such as LINK.

Daan remains confident in the broader market outlook, and according to the Chainlink price prediction by the analyst, $19 is a potential ceiling that substantial selling pressure emerges, and if LINK is solid at this point, it could head toward the $20+ levels at the end of 2023. But alongside Chainlink, another crypto is getting a lot of attention.

Pullix (PLX) Will Introduce a Token Burn Feature and Reward Ecosystem Participants

While Chainlink is bullish and could see significant gains in the upcoming months, Pullix (PLX) has gained a lot of attention due to its unique approach in TradFi.

This upcoming exchange will provide 24/7 access to global markets and provide traders with the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies alongside them, all from a single account. This is a self-custodial platform that's community-backed and will benefit the holders of its native crypto, PLX.

Anyone holding and staking the cryptocurrency can receive daily revenue generated on top of the platform and stake the cryptocurrency for additional capital gains. The platform will also feature multi-currency staking, and they can stake BTC, ETH, and DOGE to get even more out of the platform.

There is also a token burn feature introduced across the broader ecosystem, which is intended to keep the value of the token as stable as possible. Users also gain access to real-time community engagement by utilizing platforms such as Discord and Telegram, with incentives for the most loyal ecosystem participants.Another portion of the Pullix ecosystem includes the Copy Trader infrastructure, and here, anyone can copy the most successful traders alongside self-custody.

During the initial presale period, the PLX cryptocurrency is trading at a value of $0.04. Once it launches and gets listed on Tier-1 exchanges, analysts project that it can explode in value. With a set date for launch in 2024, the crypto could see an upswing of 200x based on current projections, making it one of the most notable altcoins of the year that can provide a significant ROI for those who jump into it early.

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