BONK Outpaces Shiba Inu in Trading Volume; Bitcoin Whales Pivot to New AI Altcoin

BONK Outpaces Shiba Inu in Trading Volume; Bitcoin Whales Pivot to New AI Altcoin

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The crypto market seems to be embroiled in a tussle between old and new tokens, where old names are losing patrons to the latest ones. Analysts closely monitoring the market are seeing Bitcoin (BTC) whales make a beeline for the newly launched InQubeta (QUBE)

Built on Ethereum, InQubeta helps startups find investors for their AI-led projects. The platform is among the best new ICOs, and its presale funding stands at $7.2 million.

Another veteran cryptocurrency witnessing a shift of loyalties is Shiba Inu (SHIB). BONK is a meme coin rolled out by the Solana network, and it has recently outpaced Shiba Inu in terms of trading value. To know more about these cryptocurrencies, read on. 

InQubeta: Making DeFi Accessible for Startups 

InQubeta is a decentralized portal that assists AI startups in finding the right investors for their projects. The platform has an intuitive interface which makes it more approachable. Its native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token which bankrolls all kinds of transactions within the ecosystem.

InQubeta ensures seamless transactions between startups and their investors through an NFT marketplace. Here, startup offers for investors are minted as NFTs and then sold. The digital marketplace does away with the need for any paperwork and speeds up the fundraising process.

Investors can compare and evaluate different projects before making a final decision. They can choose to buy the complete NFT or a fraction of it, as the asset can be fractionalised. All payments are made in terms of the QUBE token.

The QUBE token has been created to future-proof their patrons' holdings with a deflationary character. The feature will prevent inflation or market volatility from impacting long-term returns. 

The model follows a simple principle: the token supply will always lag behind the demand. The lack of parity will ward off price fluctuations during inflationary periods and keep the asset value intact. If the supply increases, it will be restored to its original levels by burning the extra tokens.

The InQubeta team follows a similar mechanism to avoid internal inflation. Whenever there are too many QUBE tokens being sold or purchased, the supply is likely to surge due to tax collections. 

To avoid that, the team burns 1% of the tax proceeds accruing from every transaction. The move burns excess tokens before they can enter circulation.

The top altcoin plays a pivotal role in the governance of the platform. Token holders are eligible for exclusive privileges, which they can use to restrict the implementation of unnecessary protocol changes. 

All proposed protocol changes are first analyzed and then decided by a majority vote. Depending on how they feel about the suggested changes, token holders can vote for them and support the platform.

Shiba Inu's Shibarium to burn tokens

Inspired by a Japanese dog, Shiba Inu is a popular meme coin that has been around for years. Its native token is SHIB, and it has a separate token called BONE for governance. It's currently working on a Layer 2 network called Shibarium.

In a recent development, the Shiba Inu team announced that Shibarium would begin burning SHIB tokens through an automated system. The automated operations help in making the process faster and more efficient. 

Developers make a killing with BONK airdrop

BONK is a meme coin that has been built on Solana, a leading blockchain network and provider of Web 3.0 infrastructure. Its supply is pegged at 50 trillion.

The meme coin made waves recently after a group of developers who were gifted BONK tokens worth $300 last year reached $500,000. Developers associated with LamportDAO had received the tokens in an airdrop.

Bitcoin transaction fees reach record high

Bitcoin has been dubbed the best crypto of all time as it is one of the first cryptocurrencies to be launched in the world. Its native cryptocurrency is BTC and is used for all transactions. These transactions are confirmed with the proof-of-work consensus protocol.

Unlocking yet another milestone, Bitcoin clocked a record single-day spike in its transaction fees on December 17. According to reports, Bitcoin's transaction fees crossed around $24 million on December 17, 2023 – its highest single-day spike to date. Earlier in May 2023, Bitcoin's transaction fees had touched $18 million largely due to huge activity by ordinals. 


If you are looking for diversification or huge growth potential, BONK, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, and InQubeta are among the top cryptos to invest in

These cryptocurrencies have proved their case with their consistent performance and have received a stamp of approval from leading analysts too. These tokens have unique use cases and have managed to build a community of loyal supporters, ensuring the ecosystems’ success in the long term. 

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