Bitcoin (BTC) And Ripple (XRP) Set To Dominate The 2024 Bull Run, Pullix (PLX) Presale In Full Swing Ahead of Q1 2024 Launch

Bitcoin (BTC) And Ripple (XRP) Set To Dominate The 2024 Bull Run, Pullix (PLX) Presale In Full Swing Ahead of Q1 2024 Launch

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Bitcoin and Ripple are preparing for a bull run following regulatory decisions in Q1. As Bitcoin’s transaction fees grow following the halving in April, Ripple is going on an upward trajectory. Meanwhile, a new token, Pullix, is generating massive interest in its presale.

Bitcoin: A Standstill Before the Storm

We’re experiencing a standstill before the storm as Bitcoin went up 1.92% in the last week and dropped 0.92% today. While the month’s 13.30% green is showing optimism in the market.  

As Binance took the $4 billion plea deal, bulls gained strength in the crypto market.

If the SEC approves Bitcoin ETFs in January, there will be a massive bull run in 2024. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitcoin ETFs could be a $100 billion industry. This approval would propel Bitcoin to more than its all-time high.

As the April Bitcoin halving approaches, it marks another reason that could snowball Bitcoin's upward trajectory. Traditionally, miners have to sell their Bitcoins to pay high electricity bills. This creates selling pressure. However, as Bitcoin halvings reduce Bitcoin’s inflation rate by 50%, the selling pressure also halves.

This is extremely important in creating bullish momentum. Especially considering the SEC may approve Bitcoin ETFs in January. We could see the growth we hadn’t seen in a long time, much before EOY.

It’s probably time to “hodl” on the 10th year of the legendary HODL anniversary.

Ripple: Fast and Cheap Transactions Paving the Way for New Partnerships and Projects

Ripple has stagnated a bit during the recent month. However, Coinbase, Kraken, and other exchanges have re-enabled trading Ripple on their platforms following the SEC ruling that Ripple isn’t a security. With that overhang out of the way, it’s more likely Ripple can utilize its advantages.  

Scrutiny against its centralized nature does exist within the crypto market. However, fast transaction time, low fees, and high scalability are attracting more people because of its use case.

Considering Bitcoin ETF approval in January (if it happens) and the Bitcoin halving in April, there will be massive crypto growth. With Bitcoin’s monumental growth in Q1 and Q2, Ripple will follow.

Pullix Presale in Full Swing Ahead of Q1 Launch

When Q1 comes closer and the SEC approval propels Bitcoin and Ripple upwards, there’s another token that’s going to benefit massively. Pullix is a CEX&DEX hybrid, providing the best of both worlds.

Along with control of your private keys, you get access to advanced trading tools and revenue sharing from the platform itself. No other DEX has these trading tools, nor does any CEX give you control of your private keys.

Pullix lets you use its order book that works off-chain, enabling fast and cheap transactions while also giving you CEX-exclusive trading tools. You haven’t been able to use leverage so far on a DEX. Well, now you can. DEXs haven’t benefited traders so far because of their lack of functions. No stop losses, no take profits, no leverages, nothing.

In the past, many CEXs failed to secure their funds, ruining their users financially. With Pullix, these issues are avoided, as you control your funds during your trading experience. You’re also rewarded from the revenue-sharing program just by trading. Winning or losing, regardless.

This hybrid approach has generated massive interest as the presale is already in Stage 3. Analysts anticipate a 580% growth during the presale, and a 100x at the launch date.

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