3 Best Cryptocurrencies Surging Right Now: Stacks, Pepe, Everlodge

3 Best Cryptocurrencies Surging Right Now: Stacks, Pepe, Everlodge

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As Bitcoin reaches new highs not seen since the last bull market, altcoins are surging, but some are doing better than ever. Stacks is up by 15% over the last 24 hours, but what is it, and why now? Famous memecoin and millionaire maker Pepe is also gaining traction after good news, and Everlodge continues to go one way only - up.

Let’s find out why and how we can capitalize on this.

Everlodge is a new token with a revolutionary use case

Although Pepe is pumping, unlike Stacks and Everlodge, it has no inherent use, other than as collateral. Everlodge is different and is already up by 150% since the start of its presale, which began before the bull market really kicked off. And it’s set to continue rising in price until it launches at $0.035 when the presale ends, which is another 40% from here.

But the really exciting part is what will happen when the token launches on the open market. Given the bullish conditions of the market and the forward-thinking nature of the project, expectations are high.

Everlodge aims to solve the problems of retail investors who would love to invest in upscale vacation property, and receive rental yields, but cannot afford the high deposits or will not be granted mortgages by the banks.

They will also make things easy for people around the world. Let's say you live in the UK and you want to purchase property in Colombia, where property has been undervalued for the last 5 years. There are various traps and issues that you might not realize because you are not a local. Everlodge will take on these issues and ensure that all properties they obtain are done safely and correctly. They will then put these properties on the blockchain, and offer fractions from as little as $100 to anyone who would like to invest.

This means that retail investors can now build a property portfolio of Real World Assets (RWAs), receive rental income, and benefit from rising property prices. The ELDG token underpins the system and given its revolutionary nature, the token could easily rise by 3000% to 4000% from its listing price.

For more information, please visit the Everlodge website.

Stacks as Bitcoin’s first ever Layer 2?

Layer 2’s have been dominating the blockchain scene due to their scalability and safety.

Stacks is rapidly gaining interest as a Bitcoin Layer 2 that could unlock an entire "Bitcoin economy" by overcoming Layer 1 limitations. The project shares similarities with Ethereum or Solana but is uniquely powered by BTC as the native asset and secured by Bitcoin's hardness. Unlike other blockchains, Bitcoin doesn’t currently have any smart contract capabilities.

So Stacks presents itself as "a Bitcoin layer for smart contracts" - enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts to leverage Bitcoin's unmatched security. It settles transactions via the Bitcoin blockchain while extending functionality through a parallel Stacks chain.

The goal is essentially "unlocking the Bitcoin economy" by enabling use cases not originally supported by Bitcoin like DeFi, NFTs, and more complex applications. Stacks wants to trigger an explosion of Bitcoin-powered innovation previously hindered by technical limitations.

The native STX token allows holders to participate in the Stacks ecosystem whether by staking, paying fees, running contracts, earning BTC yields and more.

Given that Stacks is so closely linked to Bitcoin, and with a market cap of $1.6bn (as opposed to BTC’s $820 billion) it makes sense that the recent BTC surge has pushed the price of Stacks up by 15% over the last 24hrs and 80% over the last 2 weeks. This coin is a promising one to watch.

Pepe - the memecoin that just keeps giving

Pepe the frog meme and coin likely needs no introduction, instead, the question is why is it up by 36% over the last 24 hours?

Maybe it's because Binance recently tweeted that holders can use Pepe as collateral. They will reward users with 10 million Pepe for doing so. And combined with BTC’s huge rise, this makes Pepe an attractive purchase for speculators.

Though hitting the mythical $1 valuation remains essentially impossible given Pepe's gargantuan 420 trillion token circulating supply, some see a potential 20x gain in a bull scenario. Even approaching top meme coin Shiba Inu’s peak market cap could drive Pepe up by 20x. So speculative buyers seem keen on this inherently viral asset before the next hype wave strikes.


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