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Team Liquid Working With NFT Game Illuvium

Team Liquid Working With NFT Game Illuvium

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Leading esports company Team Liquid is partnering with the developers of the NFT game Illuvium to test the latest features involving the player-vs-player (PvP) aspect of the game. 

Team Liquid + Illuvium Collaboration

Team Liquid, a prominent esports organization that secured $35 million in funding last year at a valuation of $415 million, has forged a strategic alliance with the developers of Illuvium, a blockchain-based gaming platform featuring NFTs. The collaboration aims to explore and enhance the turn-based, player-vs-player (PVP) creature autobattler experience within Illuvium.

In a recent video announcement, Team Liquid's founder and co-CEO, Victor Goossens, revealed the organization's role in testing and advising on the PVP aspect of Illuvium. Goossens expressed the organization's profound impression of the game's quality based on their initial interactions, setting the stage for a deeper collaboration.

He stated, 

“We’ll be limit-testing and advising them on the PVP aspect of their game. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the game from what we’ve seen so far.”

Key Figures Involved

Illuvium will be scrutinized by notable Team Liquid members, including the League of Legends player “Broxah” and content creator “Midbeast.” This move aligns with Team Liquid's confidence that Illuvium will be a skill and strategy-focused game, akin to the competitive nature of many games already embraced by Team Liquid.

The CEO also remarked, 

“We are confident that this will be a game that rewards skill and strategy, much like many of the games that Liquid participates in today.”

NFTs and Web3 Gaming 

Illuvium will also release Team Liquid-themed NFTs as part of the collaboration. These NFTs, in the form of character skins and avatars, will serve as a unique intersection of the gaming and crypto worlds. Built on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling network dedicated to gaming, Illuvium positions itself at the forefront of Web3 gaming integration.

The Illuvium team wrote about the collaboration in a blog post, 

“This collaboration is more than just two names shaking hands. It's about setting a precedent for Web3 gaming in mainstream esports. It's about creating a world where gaming achievements translate to the real world, where every move could be the one that lands you something epic.” 

Esports Tournaments and Beyond

Beyond testing and advising, Team Liquid and Illuvium plan to deepen their collaboration in the realm of esports. The esports organization, which successfully raised significant funds last year, will co-host an esports tournament in 2024 featuring a substantial $100,000 prize pool. This collaboration represents an investment in the growth and development of the Illuvium esports scene.

Team Liquid is not the only esports giant venturing into the crypto and blockchain space. The organization has been exploring the potential crossovers between crypto and competitive gaming, aiming to provide a safe entry point for fans into the evolving landscape of Web3 games. 

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