Fast Growing Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) Presale Raises $100,000 In 72 Hours

Fast Growing Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) Presale Raises $100,000 In 72 Hours

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The highly-anticipated Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) presale has raised over $100,000 in just 72 hours, demonstrating strong demand for speculative exposure to major spot Bitcoin ETF developments.

With a hard cap of $4.9 million and a tiered pricing structure, the BTCETF presale offers investors an early opportunity to acquire tokens before they hit the open market.

Bitcoin ETF Token Presale Sees Impressive Early Traction

Bitcoin ETF Token’s presale has seen incredible early traction, with tens of thousands of dollars flowing in during each of the first three days.

The presale is conducted directly through the Bitcoin ETF Token website, with payments accepted in ETH, USDT, or via credit/debit card.

840 million BTCETF tokens are available during the presale, representing 40% of the total supply.

The presale adopts a tiered pricing approach, beginning at $0.005 per token, with incremental increases over ten stages upon reaching specific milestones.

This setup rewards early participants with the lowest entry prices.

The presale has a set hard cap of $4.9 million, and will conclude once this limit is reached.

The early hype and demand for BTCETF demonstrate investors' appetite for assets tied to significant Bitcoin ETF developments despite the inherent risks.

Hundreds of people have opted to follow Bitcoin ETF Token on Twitter since the presale launched, while the official Telegram channel has also seen a massive influx of members.

Deflationary Tokenomics Drive Hype & Demand for BTCETF

The deflationary tokenomics implemented by BTCETF are a significant source of hype and presale excitement.

Specifically, Bitcoin ETF Token incorporates three fundamental deflationary mechanisms.

Firstly, there is a tax on all BTCETF transactions, where 5% of every transfer is burned.

The tax decreases by 1% following the achievement of each significant Bitcoin ETF milestone, thereby encouraging long-term holding of BTCETF.

Secondly, as noted in the project’s whitepaper, 5% of the total BTCETF supply will be burned at each of the five presale milestones.

With 2.1 billion tokens initially minted, this equates to 25% of the supply burned throughout the roadmap.

Finally, BTCETF offers staking rewards with a high advertised APY of over 1,600%.

This strategy promotes the long-term holding of tokens and reduces immediate profit-taking, potentially leading to greater price stability when BTCETF is listed on exchanges.

These three tactics aim to make BTCETF an inherently deflationary asset since lower supply and speculative demand could lead to significant price appreciation.

This explains the early hype around the Bitcoin ETF Token, even though it is less than one week old.

Audits, Media Coverage & Influencer Backing Add Further Legitimacy

Adding to the buzz around Bitcoin ETF Token is that it has undergone a smart contract audit by reputable firm Coinsult.

The audit found no major vulnerabilities, boosting trust in the technical integrity of BTCETF.

Additionally, BTCETF has already been featured in mainstream and crypto media outlets, including BeInCrypto,, Yahoo Finance, and InsideBitcoins.

This coverage lends credibility and signals that major players are watching the token.

Popular YouTube analyst Jacob Bury even stated BTCETF has the potential to 10x, especially if the early presale momentum continues.

While the hype around BTCETF is undoubtedly growing, it does have a level of risk, given its presale status.

However, with major Bitcoin ETF developments set to catalyze further demand for the token, BTCETF could be a speculative bet that pays off handsomely if executed successfully.

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