Altcoins Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) surge higher

Altcoins Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) surge higher

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Altcoins have seen a decent push to the upside in the last two to three weeks. Some lesser known altcoins in $KUJI, $VXV, and $TRB, are outperforming the vast majority.

Crypto traders are always looking for those altcoin gems that can do the next 10x as the crypto market stirs itself ready for a potential expansive move to the upside over the next 18 months or so.

Now is the time to be forming those positions, although some might successfully argue that the time for getting into certain altcoin plays was possibly weeks or even months ago.

Be that as it may, if past crypto bull markets are anything to go by, there is still probably plenty of time in hand to make those altcoin choices. We are likely in phase 1 of the crypto bull market, where bitcoin and altcoins are still building the price structure upon which later moves higher can be made.

Massively growing DeFi token

Source: Trading View


Kujira ($KUJI) is a crypto company with a gifted team building DeFi tools for all. A 300% move since late September probably means that investors should be looking for a pull back. $1.50 at the 0.382 fibonacci level is a possibility.

Lesser known AI project

VectorSpace ($VXV) is one of the lesser known AI plays. The token powers data sets that enable individuals and institutions to detect hidden relationships in space biosciences, general life science, and capital markets.

A 200% rise from the absolute bottom has added interest to this project. Should support hold at $0.50 the next leg up could possibly be made.

Oracle play second only to $LINK

Source: Trading View

Tellor ($TRB) is an oracle play that has grown to become second only in market cap to Chainlink ($LINK). The price movement for $TRB has been nothing short of explosive. Ranging sideways and downwards for the whole of 2022 and the first half of 2023, $TRB started its explosion on 18 August and hasn’t looked back since. 

A simply huge 1,330% move since that August day has brought the price from $9 to a spectacular $127 in a very short amount of time. This altcoin should be watched very closely.

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