DeXe DAO Partners With RAK DAO to Enhance DAO Transparency and Efficiency

DeXe DAO Partners With RAK DAO to Enhance DAO Transparency and Efficiency

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DeXe DAO Studio, an advanced platform for creating and governing DAOs, announced a new partnership with RAK Digital Assets Oasis (RAK DAO), the world's first free zone serving global digital asset organizations. 

What Is DeXe DAO Studio?

DeXe DAO Studio is an easy-to-use advanced platform for creating turnkey DAOs and governing them in a democratic, transparent, and equitable manner. Projects can launch their DAOs on any chain and manage their governance tokens via a single interface. At the same time, contributors can take advantage of the organization's platform to vote and participate in the governance of every DAO to which they belong.

What Is RAK DAO?

RAK DAO is a dedicated free zone established in the UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah region. RAK DAO is the first regulated zone that caters specifically to the needs of global DAOs. On Oct 19, RAK DAO hosted its launch event with innovative crypto businesses, a world-class lineup of industry experts, and a list of attendees interested in discussing exciting topics covering everything related to the future of Web3, AI, and digital assets.

An Oasis for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Based on DeepDAO's data, $15.5 billion is held in DAO treasuries as of Oct 19, representing a nearly 65% year-over-year increase since 2022. With the DeFi TVL currently standing at $36 billion, this also means that approximately 43% of the total value locked in decentralized finance dApps is stored in the treasuries of DAOs. Besides that, 7.5 million governance token holders and 2.8 million active voters and proposal makers are currently present in DAOs.

Combining DeXe DAO Studio's on-chain governance solution and RAK DAO's solid legal framework, the two partners are working together to transform the DAO industry and further accelerate its growth. Their goal is for the sector to become a transparently regulated niche equipped with professional and convenient tools for creating and managing DAOs.

DeXe DAO Studio will act as an infrastructure provider that will support the creation of new DAO projects. To provide decentralized autonomous organizations with a path to long-term prosperity, the Studio will offer them governance mechanisms to manage their protocols in a decentralized manner, make informed decisions based on expertise, and intelligently distribute rewards. With key features including flexible settings of voting and quorums, fair rewards for participation and delegation, and the ability to create meta-governance constructions, DAOs will have access to all the necessary tools to achieve their mission and take their projects to the next level.

At the same time, RAK DAO will offer a legal framework for DAO operation. As a globally recognized digital asset-focused jurisdiction, RAK DAO also provides DAOs the opportunity to register in the Ras Al Khaimah-based commerce and innovation hub to benefit from clear networking and different resource advantages.

Kickstarting the Journey of Efficient and Transparent DAOs

The two organizations expect the first DAOs to register with RAK DAO and achieve decentralized governance in the coming months.

"Our partnership with RAK DAO is a crucial step in making DAOs more effective and transparent,” said DeXe DAO Studio Co-Founder and DeXe DAO Protocol Contributor Dmytro Kotliarov. “These organizations must simultaneously operate in the Web3 industry and the physical world. To tackle this challenge, DAOs can take advantage of DeXe DAO Studio's UX for project governance, as well as RAK DAO's regulatory clarity. 

"By combining on-chain and international law, the actions of DAOs will become enforceable in court. Together with RAK DAO, we make this possible, paving the way for many DAOs to operate their projects as effective and legally respected entities."

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