Coinbase’s Base Code Now Open Sourced

Coinbase’s Base Code Now Open Sourced

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Coinbase’s layer-2 network Base has taken a significant step towards transparency and community collaboration by making its code repositories and smart contracts accessible to the public. 

Enhancing Transparency For Collaboration

The decision to make its code open-sourced was announced on October 19 via a blog post with the goal of enhancing accountability and promoting collaborative development.

The Base team highlighted their commitment to transparency, stating,

“By sharing our work openly, we enable the community to track our progress and ensure that we’re living up to our commitments. This transparency also serves as a catalyst for collaboration, as it allows developers to tap into our knowledge base, building upon and refining what's already in place. Further, it provides a channel for valuable community feedback, whether it's about improving documentation or spotting an overlooked bug."

Empowering Developers 

One of the primary reasons for open-sourcing the code is to provide developers with a deeper understanding of the project’s development. Now, all scripts and smart contracts are openly available on GitHub, offering developers valuable tools to explore and experiment with the code responsible for handling deposits and withdrawals on Base.

Open-source development is one of the building blocks of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, promoting community auditing, rapid identification, and remediation of vulnerabilities. Coinbase recognizes this and has even offered a substantial reward of up to $1 million for bug discoveries, encouraging security-focused developers to scrutinize the layer-2 code for vulnerabilities.

Complete Transparency And Support

Base's commitment to transparency extends to its web properties, including,, and, which are now publicly available. This transparency invites developers to provide feedback and contribute to the project, as well as open-source improvements to tools like OP-viem.

In addition to opening up its core web properties and code repositories, Base has pledged to continue contributing to open-source projects, including the OP Stack itself. Developers can now easily access the code that facilitates deposits and withdrawals on, making it easier to develop similar applications.

Technical Shift For Progress

Despite facing initial challenges, such as network outages and security concerns, Base has witnessed impressive growth. It has now claimed the third position in terms of total value locked in the layer-2 ecosystem. This achievement demonstrates the project's resilience and potential for further development.

On the technical front, Base announced a significant shift in its test network from Goerli to Sepolia on October 19. This transition is not just a technical move but a step towards building a more unified ecosystem.

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