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Artfi Fractionalizes Art Ownership, Engaging Art Lovers Globally

Artfi Fractionalizes Art Ownership, Engaging Art Lovers Globally

Sacha Jafri’s “The Six Elements” offers a new era of collective ownership and appreciation to over 25,000 art enthusiasts.

Marking a significant pivot from traditional art ownership norms, Artfi announces the public availability of its Genesis Pass whitelist, an anticipation-building move ahead of its official debut. This a different approach to art ownership started a movement that has already garnered the attention of over 25,000 art enthusiasts. 

This collection started with the fractional release of “The Six Elements,” a collection conceptualized and created by the widely recognized artist, Sacha Jafri. Jafri, previously celebrated for his piece “Journey of Humanity” which notably auctioned for $62 million in 2021 and established a record for the world’s largest canvas, brings to this venture an established reputation and artistic credibility:

“Through splitting an artwork into fractions, it’s possible to increase ownership and liquidity, placing collectible art within reach of all collectors.”

‘The Six Elements’ originated from a collaboration with luxury automaker Rolls Royce, where Jafri infused a unique artistic flair into six pieces, each aligned with the elemental themes of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Wind, and the encompassing sixth element, Humanity.

With Humanity in mind, Artfi has transformed “The Six Elements” into 10,000 separate digital assets, each available to Genesis Pass NFT holders. Beyond mere ownership, “Holders will also be eligible for a free token airdrop and the ability to participate in future fractionalized art sales hosted on the Artfi platform.”

The collaboration between Jafri and Artfi shares an aspiration to make the art world more democratic and accessible. Artfi is carving out a future where art reshapes the interaction and co-ownership experiences of artists and audiences alike.

Jafri’s choice to introduce his first fractionalized collection via Artfi is more than a commercial venture; it aligns philosophically with Artfi’s mission of widening access and appreciation of art across varied demographics. He said, “it’s a really cool opportunity to be part of the elements that make up our world and all humanity:” 

“There’s a real chance that one creation, one moment, one part of my soul can now be owned by thousands of people. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Artfi, through the fractionalized sale of “The Six Elements,” is shaping a domain where art ownership transitions beyond mere possession and emerges as a shared and collective experience. Reflecting on this, Jafri further stated, “Artfi doing this, through the democratization of art, opens up the opportunity for those who otherwise wouldn’t have had one.”

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