Aptos Network Finally Resumes Operations After 5-Hour Outage

Aptos Network Finally Resumes Operations After 5-Hour Outage

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Aptos Network, a layer-1 blockchain, has finally managed to bring its network back online and resume operations after it was impacted by a lengthy outage. 

The Aptos Network suffered an outage that lasted for five hours and saw transactions on its network severely impacted. 

The Aptos Network Outage 

The outage was flagged by crypto reporter Wu Blockchain, who posted on X that the network had been down for over four hours. 

“Aptos blockchain has been down for more than four hours. According to the AptoScan block explorer, on-chain transactions on the Move language blockchain Aptos have stopped at block 104621314. The last transaction occurred at 7:11 UTC+8 on the 19th of October and has been down for more than four hours.”

Aptos Back Online 

Coincidentally, the outage occurred during the same week the network was launched last year. According to the Aptoscan network tracker, on-chain transactions on the Aptos Network were severely impacted and halted between 11:11 pm UTC on the 18th of October at block 104621314. Following this, the network was down for over five hours. The Aptos Network confirmed the outage in a post on X, stating,

 “Your energy for Aptos One was so electric, you cut the lights! What that means at the moment is that transactions on the network have been impacted. We are working diligently to resolve the issue and will keep you updated upon completion.”

Just before the outage, Aptos Labs had posted a birthday message for the network, celebrating a year since the Aptos mainnet went live. The outage led to major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Upbit and OKX to issue users with alerts about Aptos Network maintenance. They also added that APT deposits and withdrawals were temporarily suspended. OKX, in its update, stated, 

“The APTOS network is scheduled to undergo network maintenance at 8:30 pm UTC on the 18th of October, 2023. Deposits and withdrawals for APTOS tokens and related tokens in the APTOS network will be temporarily suspended starting at 8:30 pm UTC on the 18th of October, 2023.”

Meanwhile, Upbit stated that APT deposits and withdrawals will be suspended due to maintenance on the Aptos Network. 

“The Deposit/Withdrawal service for APT will be suspended to conduct maintenance on the APT network. Once the maintenance of the APT network is complete, we will reopen the services.”

Users Not Impressed 

While Aptos Network looked to put a positive spin on the outage, users were not impressed, with many critical of the network. One user on X posted, 

“So let me get this straight. @Aptos_Network is down with most cex’s having suspended APT deposits & withdrawals...but it still has a $5b valuation?”

Outages On The Rise 

Aptos is a VC-backed project launched on the 17th of October, 2022. The network was created by former Meta employees who had worked on Facebook’s Diem blockchain. With that said, several other networks have also faced major outages recently. On the 19th of October, the Theta network issued an alert stating that a recent node upgrade had resulted in an “edge case bug.” This led to blocks on the main chain stopping production for several hours. The network later updated users that a fix was implemented, and the network was functioning normally again. 

Back in September, the Coinbase layer-2 network Base suffered a major outage. This was the first outage since its launch. Coinbase had stated at the time, 

“We identified a delay in block production due to part of our internal infrastructure requiring a refresh. We’ve implemented a fix and are seeing widespread recovery.”

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