YouTuber accidentally reveals seed phrases on livestream - loses $60k in crypto

YouTuber accidentally reveals seed phrases on livestream - loses $60k in crypto

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Hapless Brazilian YouTuber Ivan Bianco accidentally revealed his wallet seed phrases on a livestream. All his crypto was gone in minutes. 

The ultimate error

It was the ultimate mistake in crypto. Nothing could be worse than this. A gaming-focused YouTuber with a good following somehow shows his crypto wallet seed phrases to the camera during a livestream. 

Mere minutes later as Bianco rapidly attempted to create a new wallet, he found that all the crypto stored in his two wallets had already been stolen.

A tough pill to swallow

Bianco, who runs the YouTube channel Fraternidade Crypto, was devastated, and reported the matter to the police. However, as soon as he had done so he came to the realisation that the police probably wouldn’t have the expertise to pursue the thieves.

In a report earlier today by Decrypt, Bianco was pictured on a subsequent livestream in which he was seen crying and telling his community about what had happened.



Decrypt reported that the Brazilian YouTuber had had 86,600 MATIC taken which was worth around $50,000 at the time. He also lost 3.35 ETH ($5,750), and some smaller amounts of other cryptocurrencies.

A happier ending

However, happily, all did not end badly for Bianco. After the funds were taken a man contacted Bianco on Discord. They then set up a call and the unidentified man revealed that he had taken all the MATIC and that he now regretted his actions.

He said that he realised that what he had done was bad but then just hung up. Much to Bianco’s elation, all the MATIC funds, which made up the majority of the theft, were then returned to him.

Bianco has since said that he knows the identity of the man who returned the funds but states that there is no reason for him to reveal the name, as the man acted properly in the end.

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