OpenSea Will Launch WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs on September 27

OpenSea Will Launch WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs on September 27

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NFT marketplace OpenSea has been confirmed as the launch vehicle for the latest collection to come courtesy of WAGMI Games. Founder’s Packs will be available to mint on September 27 and demand for the NFTs, created in conjunction with Gadget-Bot, is expected to be strong.

As the art studio responsible for characters in Transformers 4, Jurassic World, Pacific Rim, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty, Gadget-Bot’s work is highly revered. Their experience and creativity have been brought to bear in designing the Founder’s Packs artwork.

WAGMI’s Founder’s Packs have been conceived with the goal of recreating the thrill 00s kids once experienced opening Pokemon cards. The same sense of wonder, coupled with the randomness that is synonymous with NFT mints, should make Founder’s Packs hot property come September 27.

A Game Within a Game

The digital cards that comprise WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs will provide more than stunning artwork and collectible characters. Each of the characters depicted on the cards can be utilized in-game and levelled up. While the OpenSea mint will introduce 10,000 packs, the ability to burn cards in order to level up characters will see the total supply diminish.

Unopened Founder’s Pack NFTs are expected to trade at a premium on OpenSea, while opened cards will be tradeable on marketplaces such as Immutable and Rarible. Aside from the excitement of obtaining and opening a Founder’s Pack card is the bonus of using it to secure access to the beta of WAGMI Defense. The mobile game has yet to launch and anticipation is high.

First Fruit of WAGMI and OpenSea Alliance

The WAGMI Games and OpenSea launch of Founder’s Packs is a major event not just for collectors of the limited edition cards, but for the NFT community at large. WAGMI recently entered a partnership with OpenSea and is planning a number of new NFT collections that will come to life on the preeminent NFT marketplace. These include NiFe Wars comics, which aim to incorporate a strong narrative element into digital collectibles.

For the Founder’s Packs mint, collectors will be praying they can get their hands on a legendary card. There are 32 legendary cards in total to collect and in theory, a buyer could find them all in a single Founder’s Pack. For most participants, the acquisition of all legendary cards will be completed on the secondary market, as collectors trade their way to their dream Founders ensemble.

The presale for the Founder’s Pack has already been completed, with Genesis NFT holders entitled to participate. Next up is the OpenSea mint, where each Founder’s Pack will be available for 0.13022 ETH. Then there’ll be the wait for the reveal, scheduled to occur in early October. Thereafter, fevered trading of cards is expected on NFT marketplaces, particularly for the rare, epic, and legendary cards that will feature prominently in the WAGMI Defense game.

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