Oasys Launches New Wallet App To Drive Blockchain Gaming Adoption

Oasys Launches New Wallet App To Drive Blockchain Gaming Adoption


The new wallet app, Oasys Passport, will help new users navigate the blockchain gaming space, pushing for mass adoption of blockchain games across the world. 

Oasys, a Web 3 firm specializing in gaming, announced the launch of its blockchain wallet app, Oasys Passport, which aims to offer user-friendly features and simpler functionalities than conventional blockchain wallets. The wallet, developed by its parent company, double jump.tokyo, and managed by the Oasys Wallet Inc., launched in alpha earlier this week. 

According to the team statement on Medium, the wallet app aims to reduce the complexities associated with the blockchain space, offering users a simple-to-use and user-focused wallet for all their gaming needs. Additionally, the wallet aims to make blockchain gaming accessible to everyone, with or without more profound knowledge of Web 3 technicalities. It is developed for the ‘Oasys’ gaming platform and has various value-adding features to enhance user experience within the game. 

 Apart from providing a user-friendly experience and an intuitive platform, the wallet provides an easy setup for novice users. To start gaming, users simply create the wallet in a one-click process with no need for email verification or creating a password. 

In addition, the wallet offers an automatic chain selection process. This means that users/players do not need to keep switching across chains manually, which provides more seamless interactions between different chains for blockchain newbies and experts alike. 

Oasys Passport is built for the user, including a user-friendly interface with simplified expressions for Web 3-specific jargon. Moreover, when a user wants to sign a transaction, the app displays the content of each signature in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that users can comprehend and use it confidently.

According to the team’s statement, new features and functionalities will be added to the app in the near future – amplifying the in-game experience and pushing for mass adoption of blockchain gaming worldwide. Some of the features set to be added include features that allow the app to display NFTs with a unified look for each content, asset visualization for assets obtained during gameplay, and the ability to bridge assets within the app. 

The wallet app is available on Oasys' main website and can be downloaded here

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