Matter Labs Shifts zkSync Ecosystem Portal Management to DappRadar

Matter Labs Shifts zkSync Ecosystem Portal Management to DappRadar

Matter Labs has announced its decision to delegate the management of the zkSync ecosystem portal to DappRadar, a blockchain analytics firm specializing in decentralized finance and decentralized applications.

According to Matter Labs, they see this as a progressive move towards zkSync protocol’s full decentralization.

zkSync, a layer-2 blockchain solution developed by Matter Labs, is aimed at enhancing the scalability of the Ethereum ecosystem. Since its establishment, the protocol has showcased consistent growth, currently encompassing over 200 projects and processing in excess of 8.8 million testnet transactions. Notably, following its launch in April, the platform witnessed an influx of $115 million within its first ten days on the public mainnet.

The partnership with DappRadar comes as part of Matter Labs' broader strategy to decentralize zkSync. This move aims to align with the protocol's foundational principles as outlined in the zkSync credo published earlier in June. The document emphasizes core tenets like trustlessness, security, and sovereignty, underscoring the ethos the zkSync community seeks to uphold.

With DappRadar at the helm of the ecosystem portal, there is anticipation of enhanced visibility for decentralized applications listed within zkSync. This, as Matter Labs suggests, may lead to increased user engagement and opportunities for media exposure from established news entities.

"With DappRadar's analytics and extensive reach, zkSync projects have a robust platform for gaining visibility and attracting new users—and users have the ability to explore the world of zkSync dapps in a data-driven way. Because at the end of the day, it's not only about relinquishing control; it's about empowering the community with ownership and knowledge," Matter Labs said in a press statement on

While Matter Labs is reducing its direct operational role, the company will continue to play an advisory role, ensuring the integrity of zkSync's protocol development. The recent announcement signifies the initial phase of this transition. Future plans, according to the press release, entail a comprehensive decentralization encompassing the technology, community governance, and other integral facets of the network.

Emphasizing an equitable ecosystem, Matter Labs is diversifying its stewardship to enhance the neutral credibility of zkSync.

Matter Labs' vision to incubate, launch, and decentralize the zkSync protocol has taken a significant step forward with its partnership with DappRadar. Since zkSync's Mainnet Alpha earlier in March this year, a diverse range of over 200 projects have launched on the platform.

Inviting organizations like DappRadar, known for its rigorous listing and analysis, not only strengthens zkSync's decentralization efforts but also boosts dApp visibility through DappRadar's expansive audience. As for DappRadar, the platform is frequented by over 750,000 monthly visitors, and is now pivotal for dApps seeking increased visibility. This partnership is expected to amplify engagement and provide users with a comprehensive, data-driven insight into zkSync's ecosystem.

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