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Kresus Enters Strategic Collaboration With As Leading Wallet Partner

Kresus Enters Strategic Collaboration With As Leading Wallet Partner
  • Kresus Super App selected as the official wallet partner on the Web 3 collectibles marketplace,

  • is set to launch in October.

  • The partnership aims to enhance the global collectibles industry using blockchain technology. 

In an announcement this Thursday,, the world’s first Web3 community and marketplace for collectors, confirmed a strategic partnership with Kresus, a Web 3 SuperApp for crypto and NFTs. The collaboration sets Kresus as the leading wallet partner for, aiming to enhance user experience and drive innovation in the $500 billion global collectibles market using blockchain technology. 

“We have chosen Kresus as our debut wallet partner because of their unwavering commitment to user security and delivering a frictionless web3 experience,” states Co-Founder and Chief Business & Strategy Officer Dietrich von Behren.

Set to launch in October, will offer the user more than just a transactional avenue for their collectibles. The platform will feature a robust, connected community to unite global collectors through their common interests and passions, beneficial user rewards for contributions, a management application to organize, manage and value all collectibles, and AI and ML technologies integrations to offer the most accurate & comprehensive collectibles data. 

As part of the new partnership, new users signing up will be able to create a Kresus wallet during registration, while existing Kresus wallet holders can directly connect their wallets on the platform. 

On the partnership with, Kresus Founder and CEO Trevor Traina stated, 

“The platform is a godsend for passionate collectors the world over, and our secure and user-friendly Kresus wallet will play a key role in introducing collectors to the world of web3.”

Kresus will provide secure access to users' assets on, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to showcase, organize, buy and sell their assets seamlessly. The goal is to create a vibrant, engaging, and interactive environment for users and collectors of all types of assets, including sports cards, comics, signed memorabilia or anything else. 

“Kresus aligns perfectly with our goals, and we are confident the partnership will greatly enhance the user experience on our platform,” Dietrich von Behren added.

Adding to the vibrant ecosystem, collectors will be able to connect with fellow enthusiasts, create community social profiles to display collections and join category-specific discussion groups, curated content, and educational resources, much like Reddit. In addition, users will get personalized recommendations and community connections based on their preferences. 

As users await the launch, has hinted at more alliances, adding to Kresus’ partnership, in a bid to empower users to fully understand and embrace the potential of Web 3 technology in the global collectibles industry. 

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