Ankr Partners With Tencent Cloud, Launches Blockchain RPC For Developers

Ankr Partners With Tencent Cloud, Launches Blockchain RPC For Developers

Premiere Web3 infrastructure and developer hub Ankr has announced a partnership with Tencent Cloud to introduce its first Web3-native product, the Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

The partnership showcases the launch of Tencent Cloud's Blockchain RPC as a streamlined solution for enterprises and organizations who wish to access robust blockchain infrastructure as serviced and provided by Ankr.

The new product is now available through Tencent Cloud's online marketplace, and is a result of Ankr and Tencent Cloud's efforts at expanding the Web3 ecosystem. Currently, Ankr provides Web3 infrastructure to leading firms in the blockchain space such as 1inch, Avalanche, Binance, Chiliz, Optimism, Polygon, and SushiSwap. Ankr also has concurrent partnerships as an infrastructure provider with Microsoft and Tencent, the cloud services arm's parent company.

Developers interested in building blockchain solutions can make use of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC for quick and efficient data queries, as well as transaction processing through a variety of blockchains such as Ethereum's mainnet, BNB Chain, and Polygon PoS. This means that, with the launch of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, developers are able to access critical functions required to run blockchain networks.

According to a press release shared by Ankr to CryptoDaily, the RPC service is designed to provide high-concurrrency performance, maintaining a regular request volume of up to 1,800 per second per chain, backed by Ankr's reliability in blockchain and Web3 infrastructure.

" [...] our partnership with Tencent Cloud is a pivotal moment for Ankr and indicates the leaps made by the decentralized internet in integrating with the vital infrastructure of the broader web ecosystem. It paves the way for an era of accelerated development in blockchain applications," shares Stanley Wu, CTO and co-founder at Ankr.

The partnership follows Ankr's recent breakthroughs in decentralized finance and liquid staking, in which its protocol for the $ANKR token reached a record $1.5 billion average daily volume.

Commenting on the partnership, Poshu Yeung, Senior VP of Tencent Cloud, said that the strategic partnership is aimed at "[...] offering unprecedented capabilities to empower developers and to support the growth of decentralized applications," adding that Tencent Cloud is "well prepared and equipped to continue evolving to meet market needs."

The RPC service is bifurcated into public and premium versions. While the public variant facilitates free blockchain interactions within designated parameters, the premium variant operates on a Pay-as-you-Go mechanism, promising augmented request throughput and improved rate limits.

There are also plans to unveil an enterprise-exclusive edition to cater to more extensive use-cases and regions globally. Notably, forthcoming integrations include support for additional blockchains and a sophisticated API service.

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