IoTeX’s network is today more robust and resilient following the Ankr RPC launch

IoTeX’s network is today more robust and resilient following the Ankr RPC launch

Last year, hackers launched nearly 10 million DDoS attacks that caused many companies to lose their reputation and money. Users experienced network downtime, making them lose confidence in projects and firms that are vulnerable because of a lack of more decentralized communication channels.

Recently, although the IoTeX blockchain network has never been attacked or even suffered a security breach, its team partnered with Ankr to launch a network of decentralized nodes making it more difficult to attack, explained IoTeX Chief of Technology Qevan Guo.

"The IoTeX ecosystem is today one of the most robust and resilient in the blockchain space thanks to our partnership with Ankr," said Guo. "Adding Ankr data centers and nodes makes IoTeX more decentralized than ever and thus, less vulnerable to attacks." "Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are more frequent than we are aware of and cost millions of dollars in losses yearly worldwide," he said.

Ankr CMO Greg Gopman said his team is excited to support the IoTeX ecosystem. "We look forward to building a better, faster, more resilient Blockchain IoT network together," he added.

"It's always a great thing when two innovation leaders come together. Ankr is excited to support the IoTeX ecosystem," Gopman said.

Today, Ankr has increased its commitment to IoTeX, one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the space, by launching the IoTeX RPC website that provides developers with faster and more reliable communication.

Thanks to Ankr, IoTeX now has a dedicated endpoint for RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls), making it easier to connect to the MachineFi project's blockchain network.

The public IoTeX RPC website does not require usernames or passwords and is fast and reliable.

But what are RPCs, and why are they useful?

RPCs are a type of Application Programming Interface or API. These allow developers to run code remotely and receive a response from, in this case, the IoTeX blockchain. This communication is indispensable for smart contracts to function correctly.

The Ankr protocol provides the layer on which the IoTeX RPC layer lies. And because its stability is guaranteed by its multiple nodes located around the world in more than 300 data centers, it makes the IoTeX ecosystem stronger.

IoTeX's more than 100,000 daily active users also benefit from the RPC network that in just a few days boasts nearly 6 million requests. Because RPCs are to the blockchain what WiFi is to the Internet, users require a more reliable, faster, and cheaper service provider. Ankr is free and one of the fastest in the blockchain space.

It also benefits developers

IoTeX is already optimized for building IoT applications on its blockchain. Fast transaction time, extremely low fees, and W3bstream processing data make IoTeX optimal for MachineFi or decentralized machine financialization applications. However, developers still require access to the information on IoTeX nodes.

Ankr's RPC solution removes the need for developers to spin up their IoTeX nodes. It facilitates access to IoTeX for DApps and open-source software, including access to information on a cluster of nodes.

The new IoTeX RPC enables developers to build Dapps with IoTeX functionality for services like MetaMask that need to execute crypto wallet transactions. And Ankr offers an incentive to independent and enterprise IoTeX node operators to add their nodes to the IoTeX public RPC in return for ANKR tokens. That encourages the creation of additional IoTeX nodes for an even more powerful and robust network.

As the Ankr and IoTeX partnership grows, so will the MachineFi's network worldwide, now that it is easier to build on IoTeX RPC built by Ankr.

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