$SHIT Announces Groundbreaking Initiatives: A Literal Sewer and University on the Eve of IDO on Blooprint

$SHIT Announces Groundbreaking Initiatives: A Literal Sewer and University on the Eve of IDO on Blooprint

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In an unprecedented move in the crypto world, the team behind the new memecoin $SHIT is taking their token to the next level. On the eve of their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Blooprint, they announced two groundbreaking initiatives: the construction of an actual sewer system and the establishment of a real-world SHIT University.

The sewer, a first in the crypto world, is not just a metaphorical nod to the token's name. The $SHIT team is literally investing in infrastructure, planning to build a state-of-the-art sewer system. This initiative, while unconventional, symbolizes $SHIT's commitment to utility and practical value in the crypto space. The team believes that every great project starts from the ground up, and in this case, even further below.

In addition to the literal sewer, $SHIT is also proud to announce the establishment of SHIT University. Unlike typical crypto education platforms, SHIT University will be a physical institution, complete with lecture halls, dormitories, and a dedicated faculty. The university aims to offer a curriculum that covers everything from the basics of blockchain technology to the philosophy of memecoins. The goal is to create a new generation of crypto enthusiasts who can appreciate the beauty of $SHIT and other memecoins.

These initiatives are set to launch in conjunction with the IDO of $SHIT on Blooprint. The IDO, scheduled to start on 31 July 2023, is a highly anticipated event in the crypto space. With a total supply of 420,690,000,000,001 tokens, $SHIT promises to offer a unique, straightforward, and fun investment opportunity.

The interest in $SHIT from leading venture capital firms such as a16z, Shima Capital, and Coinbase Ventures has already put this memecoin in the spotlight. With the announcement of the literal sewer and SHIT University, $SHIT is set to further disrupt the memecoin market and establish itself as a leader in community engagement and education.

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About $SHIT

$SHIT is a new memecoin that has caught the attention of leading venture capital firms a16z, Shima Capital, and Coinbase Ventures. With its unique approach and commitment to community engagement and education, $SHIT is set to disrupt the memecoin market.

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