Banks are removing cash from society - Bitcoin anyone?

Banks are removing cash from society - Bitcoin anyone?

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The path to government control with central bank digital currencies is becoming clearer as cash is being stealthily removed by banks.

ESG is the excuse

Despite government saying that cash will be around for a very long time yet, steps are being taken to broaden our “cashless society”, as bank branches close and ATMs are being taken away.

So how are banks managing to get away with this? 

They are seizing on the Environmental, Social, and Governance narrative (ESG) which has become de rigueur in Western society, and which has become a rallying cry for governments and big business looking to shut down anyone and anything that doesn’t fit with their ideals.

For example, if someone goes to their local bank branch or ATM to withdraw cash it is being stated by banks that they are emitting carbon in their movement. The fact that if they weren’t going to the bank they would be going somewhere else and still would be emitting carbon isn’t discussed.

In addition the banks say that ATMs use a lot of electricity, plus if someone is making a deposit or withdrawing cash someone in the branch has to deal with this, thereby adding to more electricity and carbon emissions.

Is this all just nonsense, and is all this being used to justify the banks’ desire to eventually remove cash from society?

NatWest sets cash limits

NatWest, one of the biggest banks in the UK, coming under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which owns Coutts (Nigel Farage scandal), and other banks, has recently decided to give itself the right to set limits on customers’ deposits and withdrawals.

The bank hasn’t yet said how much these limits will be, but Neil McCoy Ward who has a YouTube channel with 413,000 subscribers is surmising that the daily limit could be £250. The limit is set to be imposed on September 11.

Banks are closing all exits

Banks are currently under a lot of pressure, not just in the UK but around the world. Three major banks have collapsed in the US, and Credit Suisse was recently taken over by UBS in Europe. If it were not for the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank the contagion would very likely have brought down the entire global banking system. 

Governments must know how shaky the fiat monetary system has become and therefore it appears they are giving banks carte blanche to do everything they can to stop customers from moving their funds.

Citizens are forced to own bank accounts if they want to be able to pay their bills etc. However, banks no longer provide any kind of service that would make up for customers’ depreciation of purchasing power, inflation, and the possibility that their bank might fail and decide to bail them in.

Central planners are starting to close all the exits from the fiat monetary system at the same time as banks increase their power and control over customers. Bitcoin is completely outside of this dystopian nightmare. The world’s citizens may want to investigate this option before it’s too late.

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