Worldcoin Sign-Ups Cross 2M

Worldcoin Sign-Ups Cross 2M

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Sam Altman’s Worldcoin has surpassed 2 million sign-ups for its World ID program in half the time it took to reach the first million sign-ups. 

Multi-City Tour Rakes In Sign-Ups

Digital identity verification provider, Worldcoin, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to provide a global identity protocol. The project recently surpassed 2 million sign-ups for its World ID during the beta phase, accomplishing this feat in less than half the time it took to reach the first million.

The company announced the news via a blog on July 13 that it received a record number of signups from different parts of the world like Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, which it credited to its multi-city tour. 

Furthermore, the statement also revealed that an impressive average of over 40,000 people joined the World ID system weekly, demonstrating the widespread interest and support for this privacy-preserving digital identity solution.

World ID Thanks Supporters

The Worldcoin community has expressed its gratitude to the builders, integration and composability partners, and the individuals who continuously verify their World IDs.

They wrote,

“Thank you to everyone who made this milestone possible, from the builders to the integration and composability partners to the individuals verifying their World ID every day. Achieving 2 million World ID sign-ups is more than just an accomplishment for the Worldcoin community; it’s also a significant milestone in the broader global effort to make digitally-verifiable identity more accessible to everyone.”

Growing Demand For World ID

For billions of people without the means of digitally verifiable identification, the World IDs promise a globally recognized digital identification system wherein users can store their identity information on their mobile devices, safely secured by employing zk-proofs.

To enroll in the World ID program and obtain a digital identification document, individuals are required to visit a specialized device called an Orb, through which they can scan one of their irises. This process generates a distinct cryptographic representation referred to as an "IrisHash," which serves to authenticate the individual's uniqueness. Notably, participants who successfully upload their sensitive biometric data are compensated for their participation in the form of a proprietary digital currency known as Worldcoin.

To meet the growing demand for verified World IDs, Worldcoin plans to significantly increase the availability of Orbs in the coming months. More information regarding the timing and locations of new Orbs will be shared in due course, ensuring a wider reach for this innovative technology.

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