Moonbirds Launches 200-Day Reveal For New Mythics NFT Collection

Moonbirds Launches 200-Day Reveal For New Mythics NFT Collection

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Proof Collective is trying to rekindle interest in its Moonbirds NFTs with a brand new 20,000-piece Mythics collection, released almost a year after its initial mention in August 2022.

Proof Collective Drops New Collection

Moonbirds, the once-celebrated NFT brand, is making a comeback with the launch of its 20,000-piece collection, Mythics, which is also the latest Ethereum profile picture (PFP) collection. 

Proof Collective, the company behind Moonbirds, aims to rekindle interest among NFT collectors after facing a significant decline in sales since its first release in April 2022. 

The Mythics collection is the result of nearly a year of development and will be introduced gradually. Proof revealed that it will unveil 100 new NFTs today, followed by an additional 100 NFTs daily for the next 200 days. 

Half of the 100 new NFTs revealed daily would be randomly selected claimed eggs, while the other half would be 50 Oddities chosen to be burned. The slow rollout is a strategic move to enrich the underlying intellectual property and keep the community engaged.

More About The Mythics Collection

The upcoming Mythics collection is considered a more genuine follow-up to Moonbirds than its predecessor, Oddities. The team at Proof Collective delved deep into the lore of the Moonbirds world to ensure that the new collection offers an engaging and entertaining experience for collectors.

The new collection has been classified into three categories, depending on their functionality and power - the stone eggs, legendary eggs, and runic eggs. The first two types are rarer as they consist of only 20% of the collection each. All these eggs can spawn a specific number of Mythic forms; for legendary eggs, it is three; for runic eggs, it is two; and a stone egg can only spawn one. The person who is minting the NFT gets to choose which form of Mythic to spawn from each type of egg.

Change In Licensing Model 

Once minted and in possession of a Mythic NFT, the holder will have complete commercial rights over the artwork and even be able to use the characters’ IP. This is a major change from the two earlier Moonbirds collections, which followed a Creative Commons CC0 licensing model. As a result, anyone could commercially reproduce and use the NFT artworks from those collections, even without owning the NFT. 

Will Moonbirds Regain Their Popularity? 

The cooling interest in the NFT market has impacted Moonbird sales, with average sale prices plummeting almost tenfold from their initial high. 

Led by co-founder and CEO Kevin Rose and supported by top crypto venture capitalist a16z, the Proof is expanding the Moonbirds brand lore to rekindle interest. 

Rose said, 

“With Mythics, we’re really trying to give our community a new experience that links together the Proof ecosystem and expands the storytelling that started with Moonbirds. I’m so proud of how hard our teams have been working on this launch, with the goal of expanding Moonbirds' storytelling both through art and technology.”

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