Web3 Gaming Platform Neon Link Announces New ‘Ascend the End’ Shooter Release for July

Web3 Gaming Platform Neon Link Announces New ‘Ascend the End’ Shooter Release for July

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In the last 2 years, Web3 gaming has seen a surge in popular games and platforms revolving around virtual worlds, NFTs, and in-game assets - with play-to-earn at the heart of most successful projects. 

In Ethereum blockchain’s virtual world, Decentraland, players can create unique avatars, develop land, and engage in social activities. Axie Infinity utilizes NFTs as in-game assets, such as weapons that players can use to battle each other and earn cryptocurrency. Role-playing action-adventure game, Lost Relics, enables players to buy or sell outfits, pets, and other in-game accessories on third-party marketplaces

Neon Link Gaming Platform

Another innovative web3 gaming platform looking to make its mark is Neon Link. The company has developed a seamless community-driven ecosystem that is powered by its own network and NEON token, specifically designed to offer a player-centric experience. The ecosystem offers developers unique web3 technology and tools to create immersive worlds with exciting opportunities and a seamless gaming experience for players. 

The Neon Link network has the bandwidth to withstand an impressive 35,000 transactions per second, and provide cheap fees whilst also promising the secure control of players' digital assets and cross-platform compatibility to boot. 

Like other already successful web3 gaming platforms Neon Link is heavily focused on community engagement, so much so that the development of the project depends on it - with players, community managers, and developers all incentivized to work together. 

An Ascendancy Powered by Blockchain

Having exceeded its initial funding targets and the community growing at break-neck speed 

Neon Link has announced the release of its first big game, Ascend the End, due to launch after the public token sale in July. 

Ascend the End is a high-octane third-person shooter that takes place in an apocalyptic world where players must strategize, loot, craft, and fight to survive. The game offers a collective campaign narrative with a variety of competitive multiplayer modes, in-game rewards, and loads of customizations for player characters and a multitude of in-game items. 

The arena-based shooter/looter boasts multiplayer combat, with adrenaline-pumping gameplay interwoven with RPG elements. Players will be tasked with creating a unique hero character, mastering various skills, and battling to climb leaderboards for exclusive crypto rewards. The game offers an array of unique weapons & exo-suits that can be discovered, customized, and traded on the Neon Link marketplace using neon swap.  

How to Join Neon Link

Anyone who sets up a Neon Tresor wallet can participate in the Neon Link ecosystem and enter a decentralized world where players truly own their in-game assets, and the choice to own a piece of new games, have a say in the governance of the network, and earn crypto rewards, through gaming, staking, and participation.  

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