From Gamer to Crypto Pro: How Cosmic FOMO Transforms Players into Savvy Traders

From Gamer to Crypto Pro: How Cosmic FOMO Transforms Players into Savvy Traders

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We've all come across captivating tales of traders who struck it rich in the world of cryptocurrencies. These stories, where a fortunate individual invested a mere $100 and reaped a staggering $100,000 in a single day, never fail to captivate readers. They simultaneously allure and intimidate us because we are well aware of the timeless axiom: high returns always come hand in hand with high risks. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered how to learn crypto trading in the least risky manner?

Cosmic FOMO, a product inside the MarsDAO ecosystem masterminded and launched by Vlad Utushkin, is an app that teaches cryptocurrency trading and is focused on beginners who make their first steps in the crypto world. Cosmic FOMO imparts crypto trading skills through an engaging gaming experience, allowing users to earn without risking their actual assets. With Cosmic FOMO, users can take their initial strides into the realm of secure cryptocurrency management, comprehending the intricacies of trading and mastering the mechanics of the cryptocurrency market, all in a delightful game format. The primary focus of Cosmic FOMO lies in empowering gamers to make informed choices and accurate predictions. It's like a cryptocurrency trading course but fun and engaging. 

The team behind this project released 20+ successful out-of-the-box products. This time their mission is proclaimed to be the simplification of the transition into the world of digital assets, drawing mass adoption ever closer.

How to start a Cosmic FOMO journey

Gameplay unfolds in the following manner: users must select a playable character known as a pilot, which exists as a non-fungible token (NFT) within the BNB Smart Chain. These pilots require backpacks to be filled with cryptocurrencies (currently offering 15 available assets) that players believe will appreciate in value within the next 60 minutes. Once prepared, the pilot embarks on a thrilling space race. It is crucial to note that the app provides a simulation of asset acquisition, eliminating the need for users to purchase any actual assets. Each flight lasts between 10 minutes to an hour, during which the quotes of the selected assets may fluctuate. Ultimately, the income received hinges upon these fluctuations. All asset quotes are streamed directly from Binance, ensuring real-time accuracy. If players wish to secure their profits mid-flight, they have the option to terminate the race prematurely. The greater the growth of the selected assets, the higher the profits received. Those players whose predictions prove right win COSMIC, in-game tokens that can be used to upgrade pilot's stats. This unique approach enables users to learn the art of trading, comprehend the workings of the cryptocurrency market, and safeguard their tangible assets.

Energy replenishment occurs every six hours. For users with a single pilot, one flight per day is available, equating to 2 units of fuel. Owning a second pilot grants access to 3 units of fuel, with each subsequent pilot providing an additional unit. Accounts can accommodate a maximum of 50 pilots, but only a maximum of 17 fuels can be obtained.

The main feature of Cosmic FOMO is that there are no losers in this game. Even if a gamer lacks in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies or is unfamiliar with fundamental indicators that indicate future growth or decline, and even if their predictions turn out to be incorrect, they still receive in-game tokens regardless of the outcome of their gaming session. The only difference is that their reward will be comparatively smaller compared to more experienced players. This unique feature serves as one of Cosmic FOMO's primary advantages. The game was primarily designed for individuals embarking on their cryptocurrency journey. The project team aimed to create gameplay that is not only non-intimidating but also an exciting exploration into the world of cryptocurrencies, allowing future crypto owners to familiarize themselves with digital assets in a playful manner. Cosmic FOMO caters to all individuals, irrespective of their knowledge or skill level. 

Pilot Minting Bonus

The game mechanics also feature the ability to independently mint pilots. In order to mint a new pilot, users need to cross two pilots that have attained a specific level known as a mint point. Each pilot can partake in minting up to 3 times, achievable at levels #11, #21, and #25. It is noteworthy that minting can transpire between pilots of varying classes and rarity levels. However, the likelihood of acquiring a rare or legendary pilot is contingent on these particular characteristics. For instance, crossing two common pilots will solely yield a common or uncommon pilot, while crossing a common pilot with a rare pilot offers a 40% chance of obtaining a rare pilot. NFTs produced via this method can be sold on the secondary market. Depending on the level and class of the newly minted pilot, owners have the potential to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars through a single transaction. To engage in minting, players must possess COSMIC and MDAO tokens.

Thus, Cosmic FOMO offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to its popularity, including a balanced gameplay experience, a user-friendly interface that captivates the eye, and the incorporation of five deflationary tools that positively impact the game's equilibrium. Moreover, the game boasts straightforward mechanics that ensure accessibility for players of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Embrace Cosmic FOMO today, embark on an exhilarating crypto trading journey, and unlock the gateway to vast financial opportunities. This immersive game experience presents an unmatched avenue to acquire knowledge, refine trading skills, and potentially prosper in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Don't miss your chance to become the next trading prodigy!

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