AngelBlock To Kick Off New Era Of Crypto Fundraising With SOLA-X

AngelBlock To Kick Off New Era Of Crypto Fundraising With SOLA-X

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Crypto investors have an enticing opportunity to gain early access to SOLA-X, the first project seeking to raise capital on AngelBlock, a new, non-custodial fundraising protocol. 

AngelBlock revealed SOLA-X as its first raise in a blog post last month, tempting investors with the promise of much greater oversight and control over the project’s progress, thanks to its clever “post-raise governance” mechanisms that ensure it must achieve specific goals prior to unlocking capital. 

On its website, AngelBlock explains that too many investors have been burned in the past due to a lack of transparency and governance on traditional crypto launchpads. Once the funding has been raised, crypto projects are basically left to their own devices, with no checks on their progress or control over how they use the capital they have generated. 

AngelBlock aims to change this with its post-raise governance, which dictates that projects must establish a series of milestones that must be met, to the satisfaction of its investors, before the next chunk of capital can be accessed. Once the project completes a milestone and files a report, investors will have the opportunity to vote on it and can either approve it and unlock the next pot of funds, or reject it and ask the team to make improvements. This way, AngelBlock says the interest of the project’s founders and investors become better aligned, increasing the prospects of success. 

To prevent any single investor, or groups of investors, from having a disproportionate influence on these votes, AngelBlock has created options that can define the maximal voting power of a single token holder. The idea with this is that it reinforces democratic decision-making throughout the process. 

“While giving investors access to exclusive deals yielding high returns and saving time, we want to shape the future of crypto by making the lives of founders and entrepreneurs easier, while protecting investor capital and driving more transparency and benefits to community members of these particular startups,” AngelBlock explains in a blog post.

Regarding the first project to launch on AngelBlock, SOLA-X looks like an interesting one. It’s a DeFi protocol that has developed an “advanced liquidity management system”, wherein users can provide a single crypto asset that will be distributed across multiple liquidity pools. Its key promises are to simplify the process of providing liquidity while minimizing the risk of impermanent loss, and to do so it has created an innovative system to manage liquidity in real-time. Through this, it will be able to generate additional yields for investors. The SOLA-X protocol will be fully decentralized, with token holders able to participate in its governance and also stake them for additional rewards. You can read more about SOLA-X on its official website, and on its AngelBlock profile page

AngelBlock has developed a unique staking tiers system that grants priority access and larger ticket sizes to investors based on the amount of $THOL tokens they stake. First priority is given to institutional investors, or those who stake at least 500K $THOL, who will have a 24-hour window in which they get first dibs on the token sale. Next will be angel investors, who stake between 100K and 499K $THOL, with their own 24-hour window, followed by value investors who stake between 20K and 99K $THOL. Once that third 24-hour window closes, standard users (who can stake between 0 and 20K $THOL) will have their own opportunity to snap up whatever tokens remain. 

AngelBlock’s SOLA-X raise will take place at the end of this month. 

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