TABOO Emerges as Key Player in Entertainment Industry with $10M Funding

TABOO Emerges as Key Player in Entertainment Industry with $10M Funding

TABOO announces its achievement of raising a fund of $10 million with a valuation of $250 million. It is an entertainment and media platform that has shown tremendous growth during the first quarter of 2023. Following its potential growth, the platform has secured a $10M fund round from the private office which is led by a former JP Morgan senior Executive.

Significantly, TABOO is revolutionizing in producing unique content creation, curation, and distribution by leveraging blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). TABOO provides a more credible and transparent option for content providers and customers across the globe by using the security and efficiency of the blockchain. Its unique approach attracted major investors and users of the industry.

Moreover, this fund will be used for major acquisitions, marketing, new feature integrations and security enhancements. TABOO's dedication to its investors and community is demonstrated by its growth, which assures them that the brand will hold to improve visibility and will continue to expand.

The platform has exhibited constant growth with a market value of $600 million at its all-time high, indicating its endurance even in global bear markets. Additionally, data from CryptoRank states that TABOO token is one of the top performing tokens that outperformed BTC. On May 9, CryptoRank, a platform that provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research on crypto market, revealed TABOO to be the top three tokens that surpassed the BTC performance 11.8 times since March 2023.

TABOO Onboards New Models

However, TABOO has seen exceptional growth in Quarter 1 by surging more than 1000%. This achievement determines the true strength of the project, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to provide efficient user experience. The massive growth in its Q1 has stood as an outstanding outcome which also led to secure funds recently. As a result, the platform has already onboarded 4 new models while 8 new models will be on boarded by 2023.

TABOO is an NFT and media platform that specializes in highly exclusive content. The users can purchase the finest NFTs using the native token $TABOO from the user-friendly marketplace. Furthermore, the NFT Marketplace and media platform is cross-chain, utilising layer 2 solution protocols that have the lowest costs and the fastest transactions.

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