Robert F. Kennedy - war on crypto may have caused the bank crisis

Robert F. Kennedy - war on crypto may have caused the bank crisis

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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy believes that the “war on crypto” could have led to the recent bank failures.

War on crypto

Robert F. Kennedy, nephew of the assassinated president's brother, is an environmental lawyer, a 2024 candidate for the US presidency, and more importantly, is a proponent of cryptocurrency among other polemic topics in American society.

Kennedy recently tweeted that the FDIC and SEC war on crypto could likely have been the cause of the SVB, Signature, and Silvergate bank failures, citing an Ellen Brown blog report

A fringe candidate?

For someone who could potentially win the US presidency to make such a comment is momentous to say the least. Given this seeming war on crypto it may be likely that Kennedy receives so much negativity in the mainstream press, as well as on social media, that his chances of succeeding to the presidency may dwindle to zero.

Kennedy isn’t just vocal about cryptocurrency. He is quoted by Wikipedia as “promoting anti-vaccine propaganda”, and other “health-related conspiracy theories”. It appears that he is very willing to take on the gargantuan might of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the government that defends it.

Against CBDCs

Another favourite target for Kennedy is the US exploration of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which could be imposed on US citizenry in the near future, or perhaps if the banking system starts to fail systemically.

Kennedy recently described CBDCs as being a tool for “financial slavery” and “political tyranny”, saying that they could be used to “freeze your assets or limit your spending”.

In order for Kennedy to have any success in the 2024 presidential campaign, he would need to defeat all other democratic candidates, the likelihood of which is fairly unlikely considering what some might refer to as a government-compliant mainstream media.

However, while he is still able to wield some influence, those who espouse the hugely innovative technology in the cryptocurrency sector might indeed be thankful.

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