News Round-Up: Ripple Buys Swiss Start-Up, TOADS Passes $ 4.2m Sold, PEPE Becomes 2nd most traded crypto

News Round-Up: Ripple Buys Swiss Start-Up, TOADS Passes $ 4.2m Sold, PEPE Becomes 2nd most traded crypto

In a world that is quickly rushing to adopt digital currency, meme-coins are showing high innovation through utility. DigiToads stands out as a modern meme-coin that will help shape the future of digital assets. Its pre-sale, currently at $ 4.2m is a significant testament to its potential. 

DigiToads Surpasses the $4.2 Million Mark in Pre-sale

DigiToads has continued to break massive milestones in a presale streak that has hit over $4.2 million so far. The milestone is a demonstration of innovation in the current era that combines traditional meme coins that have dominated the crypto space and more modern utility cryptocurrencies that provide various services to customers. 

TOADS, its native token has played a crucial role in the massive milestone, which might beat expectations ahead of the official launch. The native token dominates transactions in the DigiToads ecosystem, which involves an NFT staking pool and P2E gaming. TOADS is also the sole currency in the metaverse that incorporates NFTs as characters for activities such as gaming, interactions, and sales. 

DigiToads centers transparency as the key driving force for its burgeoning eco-system that promises massive rewards for those taking part in the pre-sale. In a statement, the platform will allow users to stake NFTs, which will be key in sustainability and creating new prize pools for bringing in more investors.

From its website, about 585 million TOADS will go towards maintaining the platform as it seeks to invite more investors. The pre-sale has garnered a lot of attention so far, which prompted an allocation of about 69% of the total tokens. Currently  on 7 out of 10  stages. DigiToads community has received about 13% of tokens that will act as a liquidity pool.

To invite more stockholders, and to keep the community involved, DigiToads has set aside about 7% of tokens to reward customers taking part in the pre-sale and those in competitions that run on social media such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

The pre-sale has witnessed impressive numbers being thrown around. DigiToads announced a total of $150, 000 in giveaways, which will be in batches of $1000, $2000, and $5000. Earlier adopters also have a share of about 10% of the profits given monthly, which will come from the prize pools created and overseen by the treasury.

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Ripple Completes the Acquisition of Swiss Firm Metaco

In a move that will see it expand its services to also span digital assets, Ripple has invested an impressive $250 million to acquire the firm Metaco. The Swiss-based firm deals in digital assets, which it helps secure on behalf of clients in the financial space. 

The deal is a testament to the potential of the growing digital space, and also a way for Ripple to strengthen its standing in the market it seeks to dominate. Metaco holds an impressive reputation in the financial digital space, as it provides services for the likes of BBVA, BNP Paribas, Citi, and Societe Generale.

The digital space has had a rough patch in the past year, Ripple's attempt is a massive confidence move that sets to cement the position of digital coins in the market and insurance for their future that is under attack by regulation. The demonstration is also a massive confidence booster to the markets that are picking momentum heading into the third quarter. 

PEPE Becomes the Second Most Traded Meme Coin

PEPE's recent runs have made it the second-most preferred meme-coin in the coin market in 24 hours. While the coin has shed about 5% in the same period, and also performed dismally in the past weeks, considering its all-time high. Previous highs of $00000431 and volumes of up to 220 million are a testament to potential rallies that might make the coin cement its position against potential rivals. 

Noteworthy, the coin's current goal of securing a listing in some of the most popular exchanges will determine its future value and trading position in the markets. 

Recent developments in PEPE highlight that pure meme coins also have potential. Its lack of utility in the form of NFT staking and P2E game support like its rival TOADS, forces it to rely on the community’s Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) for growth.

The evolution of the crypto market will force PEPE to adopt, and other factors will be crucial to its growth. Sustaining an interest from the community is an arduous task, but the key highlight to its future will be its ability to convince big exchanges to provide it with a platform to fight it out with other meme-coins already listed. 

DigiToads Utility Key to its Future

PEPE’s fight for a top spot, DigiToads impressive march to $3.7 million, and the massive investments Ripple has made give credibility to the crypto market now and in the future. DigiToads is innovating in the meme-coin space with utility included, meaning it puts sustainability and transparency at the forefront. The future seems bright for the coin, as it will continue to attract investors who have sustainability in mind.

Final Note

Crypto is geared towards a cashless future, which is set in virtual worlds. NFTs, being the center of these worlds, will require a sustainable Token to make them transferable. TOADS, surpassing the $4.2 million mark, is a testament that people are accepting the reality of future technologies. Its support for NFT staking and P2E gaming makes it a fine addition for investors. 

The presale stage provides the perfect entry to the DigiToads ecosystem, which promises investors massive discounts and great prizes. There will never be a time like this in the sustainable existence of DigiToads. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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