New Investment Service J'JO Simplifies Crypto Investments for Beginners and Pros

New Investment Service J'JO Simplifies Crypto Investments for Beginners and Pros

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J’JO launches CCi30-based investment service to make investing in crypto easier and safer for beginners and pros. Here’s how it works. 

Global crypto ownership rose by 39% last year, going from 306 million to 425 million. While this steady influx of users is a positive sign for the crypto industry, it also calls for simpler services that are ready to cater to new, less tech-savvy audiences.

Index investing, after setting a strong track record across traditional finance, has recently become available in crypto markets as well, thanks to crypto index investing platforms like J’JO. Crypto-based indices work similarly to traditional index funds—i.e., they track multiple cryptocurrencies at once. 

By bringing index investing to crypto, J’JO aims to make crypto investing more accessible and safer. It seeks to improve financial planning by giving users access to good investments, even without in-depth market knowledge or experience.

The Rising Demand for Simplicity

Crypto assets present novel investment opportunities across market segments, from digital currencies to real estate and luxury items. But this also implies a greater need for education, accessibility, and above all, ease of use.

Most retail users putting their money in nascent crypto assets have little or no prior experience. Especially because investing in crypto is often radically different from using traditional instruments. 

Though the basic principles remain unchanged, getting acquainted with crypto markets involves a steep learning curve.

Yet, the rising demand for accessible solutions remains unanswered while investors lose money and generate suboptimal returns.

While there are many traditional finance platforms that offer retail investors the tools  to make investing simpler, the crypto industry is still catching up with such tools that can optimize investments for the best results. 

Some cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges have been offering relevant services for some time. But these tools have flaws in their positioning and are mostly hidden from users. 

J’JO was developed to fill this gap by meeting the demand of cryptocurrency users for a clean and simple but powerful investment management platform. The idea was developed in 2020, although the team delayed the launch due to uncertain market conditions. J’JO Investment Service was launched for public use this month

Cryptocurrency Index Investing for Everyone

J’JO is a cryptocurrency index investing platform with an intuitive and hassle-free interface for a superior user experience. It leverages the CCi30 index principles formulated in 2017 by leading mathematicians like CS&P President, Carlo Sevoly, and Temple University and Regis professor, Igor Riven. 

The platform combines traditional wisdom and expertise with innovation to ensure the best possible tracking of crypto markets. 

Its flagship index, JJO35, is based on the top 35 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, enabling users to start their crypto investment journey in under five minutes, with only a few clicks. 

Combined with customized rebalancing and asset tracking settings, JJO35 allows users to invest in cryptocurrency markets with ease, security, and optimal returns. 

As J’JO is licensed to serve across 200 countries, users from almost anywhere in the world can use the platform. Besides, the platform supports multiple conventional payment methods like VISA and Mastercard, besides various local payment services.

This level of interoperability ensures wide access to its user-friendly solution for readymade index investing, financial planning, and risk diversification. 

The J’JO service also allows more experienced investors to create their own indices to use their favorite coins. Thus, J’JO literally makes crypto investing easier and more accessible for everyone who does not have enough knowledge and experts.

Putting Investors First — How J’JO Works

The J’JO Investment Service is a non-custodial platform ensuring investors are in full control of their funds. Users can start using J’JO by simply connecting their existing exchange accounts, which is possible in almost real time. 

The platform then manages investor portfolios using exchange APIs, whereby the algorithm can analyze and rebalance funds but not withdraw them. 

It automatically sells assets that drop off the top-35 list due to lower capitalization and adds new growth leaders to the portfolio. This eliminates the hassle of tracking assets and rebalancing funds manually while keeping investors in control.

Users can access J’JO’s services without any subscription for deposits up to $500. Beyond that, they can get a single monthly subscription for $14.99 for a portfolio of any size.

However, it’s noteworthy that J’JO, like any other market-driven solution, cannot predict future outcomes with 100% accuracy and thus cannot “guarantee” profits. 

To make the most of J’JO, investors must use it with reasonable expectations and a basic understanding of the risks involved in a dynamic industry like crypto. J’JO isn’t a tool for short-term speculative trading but a means to long-term investments and financial planning. Eliminating guesswork using innovative software is among its main goals, which ultimately leads to sustainable adoption of crypto assets and growth for investors. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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