Get Ready To Gamble With Big Eyes Coin's Casino: Exclusively For BIG Token Holders

Get Ready To Gamble With Big Eyes Coin's Casino: Exclusively For BIG Token Holders

Are you a cat lover and a crypto enthusiast? Look no further than Big Eyes Coin (BIG) - the first and only cat-themed meme coin in the market, launched by the BIG team in late 2022. With its unique feline-inspired design and innovative features, Big Eyes Coin offers a perfect investment opportunity for those looking to join the cat crew and potentially earn a significant amount of money. 

A Purrfect Opportunity for Cat Lovers

With big sparkling eyes, Big Eyes Coin hit the crypto presale market on 20th August 2022. The excitement surrounding its native currency, BIG, has been palpable in the crypto world for the past 8 months. To date, Big Eyes Coin has completed 12 stages of presale and raised more than $35.5 million. In the current 13th stage, a BIG token costs $0.00053, which is a remarkable increase of over 400% from its initial stage.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. The Big Eyes Coin team has recently issued Loot Boxes at varying affordable prices. These boxes contain BIG tokens worth up to $1 million and unique NFT cards that can be minted and traded. The distinctive feature of these loot boxes is that they are designed in a way not to cause any financial loss to the investors. 

As the Big Eyes Coin presale is quickly approaching its end on June 3rd, the team has announced a 300% bonus to investors who use the END300 code, further enhancing the deal. 

Roadmap to Success 

Recently, the project team made a BIG announcement revealing the launch date of the BIG tokens. According to that, the BIG tokens will be launched on the Uniswap crypto exchange platform on June 15. Additionally, the BIG team has plans to list the tokens on 13 other exchanges to increase the accessibility and visibility of the BIG tokens. 

Casino With 4000+ Games 

To drive up excitement before the launch on June 15, the BIG team has announced the launch of a casino with more than 4,000 games. The Casino will become fully operational on 29th August and feature exclusive Play to Earn (P2E) games. Participation in the gaming and betting services will be limited to BIG token holders, which is expected to drive demand for and increase the value of the BIG Eyes Coin post-launch.

Furthermore, the Big Eyes Coin team plans to expand its presence beyond cryptocurrencies by developing innovative and exclusive NFTs. The BIG team has outlined plans for the creation of Spurr Store, which will enable users to buy and sell digital assets, helping to make Big Eyes Coin a top virtual marketplace.

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