Experts Predict Tradecurve Will Outperform Toncoin And OKB Exchange

Experts Predict Tradecurve Will Outperform Toncoin And OKB Exchange

It’s 2023, and investors are still reeling from last year’s downward slide in the crypto market. The new focus is finding a crypto asset that can turn fortunes around very quickly. 

For this reason, Toncoin and OKB Exchange investors are taking a closer look at the much-talked-about newcomer, Tradecurve (TCRV), which is already showing all the good signs in its first phase of the presale. 


Tradecurve (TCRV) Sets the Precedent for Presales

Tradecurve is a trading exchange that has set itself apart from other exchanges. Tradecurve allows its users to seamlessly trade stocks, commodities, forex, and crypto from just one account. 

The best part is, unlike most of the other exchanges, Tradecurve does away with all the tiring KYC requirements and lets users get in on the action without hassle. To open an account, customers simply submit an email address, connect their DeFi wallet and can begin trading instantly.

Tradecurve users will benefit from fast deposits, withdrawals, and order execution, the exchange realizes that time is essential for your success.

The biggest benefit of using the Tradecurve ecosystem is its low trading fees, Tradecurve users can rest assured that transaction fees won’t affect their profits. 

With the overwhelmingly positive prediction its native $TCRV token has garnered from experts, investors are purchasing the presale in record numbers with experts believing $TCRV could 50x in value once the presale has competed.

Toncoin (TON): The Crypto Shining Star That is Soon to Be Outshone

Toncoin (TON) is a third-generation blockchain based on the proof of stake model. It currently trades on six crypto exchanges. 

Toncoin (TON) was conceptualized by the same minds that birthed the Telegram Messenger, the Durov brothers. Some of Toncoin (TON)'s prominent strengths are its speedy transactions and low fees. Just like Tradecurve. Even in 2022, when the crypto market took a big hit, Toncoin (TON) steadied its ship pretty quickly and, to date, remains a darling of its investors. 

Toncoin (TON) is top ten among crypto assets in terms of performance, even ahead of the big players like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the coin has slipped heavily from its all-time high and suffered low liquidity. Soon, analysts predict it will be no match for rising stars like Tradecurve.


OKB Exchange Should Brace Up for a Formidable Rival

OKB Exchange is one of the biggest survivors of the harsh crypto terrain of 2022. Still standing strong, the token retains immense love and support in the community. But analysts think that it should be wary of the newcomer, Tradecurve. 

Issued by the Blockchain Foundation, OKB Exchange (OKB) was founded in Hong Kong and launched in 2018. OKB Exchange users and holders benefit from mouth-watering interests in their stakes, plus a 25% discount on trading fees. 

OKB exchange token trades on four crypto exchanges and is the second-highest crypto performer in the market. Its inflation rate and liquidity are impressive, plus its price has seen a 171% surge in the past year, beating Bitcoin and Ethereum hands down in the process. However, experts believe it should be wary of the Tradecurve wave.

Tradecurve is Set to Cause a Major Upset

Tradecurve is in its presale stage. Its current presale price is $0.01, for investors looking to get involved the best time to invest is now before it rises to its projected $0.048 closing presale price. Analysts predict that the coin will be 50x before the end of its presale and 100x by the time it launches. 

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