Everything You Need to Know About the Uwerx (WERX) Rally as Its Presale Continues to Surge

Everything You Need to Know About the Uwerx (WERX) Rally as Its Presale Continues to Surge

The world of cryptocurrencies keeps evolving with the emergence of cryptocurrencies with different use cases. There's been the development of NFTs, meme coins, stablecoins, and utility tokens, amongst others. 

Uwerx, still in development, is a project with a different and unique focus. Traditional freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and others have existed for years without competition. Uwerx is coming up to offer better services and uses than conventional platforms. 

In this article, we'll explore the features of Uwerx and why it's capturing the attention of investors worldwide. 

Uwerx (WERX): Bringing Real-World Value to the Freelancing Industry 

Uwerx is a fascinating project that promises to provide users with tangible and real use cases, unlike meme cryptocurrencies that lack real utility. 

Some problems facing traditional freelancing platforms include a need for more trust, copyright violations, and third-party involvement. So, Uwerx will address the freelancing industry's several challenges. 

With a clear vision and focused team, Uwerx will create a decentralized platform for the gig industry. Clients will be able to connect with professional freelancers seamlessly. And with an added layer of security, Uwerx will provide the first trustworthy blockchain-based freelancing platform. 

Furthermore, Uwerx will offer additional features like dispute resolution, signup bonuses, and performance incentives. There's no doubt that Uwerx will mark the beginning of a bright future for the freelancing world.

How is Uwerx (WERX) a Stand-Out Project? 

One of the vital features of Uwerx is its low transaction fees. Conventional platforms like Upwork and Fiverr charge about 20% and the high transaction fee concerns freelancers. The good news is, Uwerx is bringing a revolutionization and will only charge 1% on every transaction. 

Another stand-out feature is its adoption of blockchain technology. Uwerx will provide secure and transparent transactions between freelancers and clients by leveraging blockchain technology. There'll be a reduced risk of fraud and copyright infringement. 

The developers will renounce contract ownership before Uwerx launches on centralized crypto exchanges and when all taxes reduce to zero. Before its listing on CoinSniper, Uwerx had undergone audits by InterFi Network and SolidProof. 

Also, Uwerx launched its Vault on 28th April, and it'll operate similarly to the staking mechanism. The Uwerx Vault will permit users to store their tokens for variable durations, and they'll also receive incentives as determined by some factors on the Uwerx platform. 

Join Uwerx (WERX) Fast-Selling Presale

Uwerx is already making an impact on the market. Its first and second presale phases sold out in 17 and 8 days. Uwerx's developers will put the WERX tokens on a liquidity lock for 25 years immediately after the presale as a sign of dedication to the project.

Currently, the fourth presale phase is on, and each WERX token is selling for $0.012, and for every purchase, users will receive a bonus of 20%. 

Uwerx has announced that presale access will be given to 57% of the entire supply of WERX, an increase from the prior 45%. As a result of this modification, investors will be able to buy more tokens. After examining the feedback from businesses, the incentives for partnerships were also reduced from 7.5% to 3%.

Additionally, to avoid long-term negative selling pressure, the user performance incentive has been reduced from 15% to 6.5%. And to enhance involvement and activity, the joining incentive, which was originally 4.5%, has been raised to 6.5%. However, both the marketing reserve and the liquidity reserve remain at 10%. 

The initial 60 million token allotment for the stage four presale has been increased to 77.5 million tokens. There is now a fifth presale round, with 72.5 million tokens reserved. It is anticipated that the hard-cap presale for Uwerx will end on July 31 as planned. This means investors have more time to purchase as many tokens as they desire.

The Uwerx platform has also amassed over 3,500 users. Join the expanding community of Uwerx and watch out for more exciting news using the links below: 






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