Top 10 PR Agencies in Crypto: Boosting Your Blockchain Business with Expert Communication Strategies

Top 10 PR Agencies in Crypto: Boosting Your Blockchain Business with Expert Communication Strategies

Choosing the right promotion strategy is key to survival in such a highly competitive industry as blockchain and crypto. With the slew of near identical projects teeming on the market, a creative and properly aimed PR approach can mean the difference between standing out from the crowd to grow, or blending in and fading into oblivion. 

In this material, we will explore the top ten PR agencies specializing on blockchain promotion and single out the factorsprojects have to take into account when selecting the one that will best present their value offering before a target audience, and at the best possible price.

BR Group

A leading PR agency in blockchain that delivers services across a multitude of industry directions. The agency specializes in software, games, applications, DeFi, liquidity services, exchanges, and many other areas of blockchain space.

With over 1100 catered clients in its portfolio, BR Group has the talent and proficiency to service and deliver any kind of PR campaign and promotional strategy, all based on in-depth market analysis and competitive advantage insight. If value is what clients are looking for, they need not look further, as the company is a full-cycle production agency. Providing anything from video production to strategy drawing, BR Group knows how to cater to its clients in a holistic fashion. More importantly, the company places immense emphasis on its reputation and leverages it as a selling point. A reliable partner and one that communicates on an ongoing basis, providing invaluable information and consultations in the process. 


A premium content marketing provided for startups and blockchain-based projects. The agency has been up and running since 2014 and focuses on content creation and its placement on select and targeted channels for maximum reach and promotion efficiency.

Anything from PR and brand reputation to social promotions and SEO is on the list of provided services. The agency has excellent connections with journalists and guarantees delivery of 100% unique content created by talented writers who can produce anything from op-eds and press releases to in-depth analytical materials. A true one-stop-shop for all your content needs.


The 70-member strong team at BlockWiz can launch growth marketing efforts to new heights with its talents that include writers, designers and strategists. With over 160 clients catered, including such heavyweights as KuCoin and Bybit, the agency has the reputation to match its impressive lineup of services that stretch across NFTs, metaverses, DeFi, and beyond. 

The affordable prices make access to consulting services and content creation available to startups of any size that seek an effective balance between quality and price.


An all-in-one place for all marketing needs in blockchain, fintech, crypto and B2B. The agency supports startups and established brands alike in their promotional efforts across a variety of platforms via strategic placement and content creation.

The team at NinjaPromo prides itself on its creative approach to solving client needs and offers anything from SEO optimization and social media engagement to PPC media, email and influencer marketing. With community management as the icing on the cake, NinjaPromo is a go-to place for startups that want quality services with a creative flair.

Melrose PR

This agency truly delivers in terms of press relations, thought leadership and messaging for positioning its clients. The firm focuses on Web3 space startups that seek content creation and promotion in a single package. With its talents aiming to make an impression, clients can expect to receive excellent consultations and feedback on investments.


SingleGrain is a mainstay among industry powerhouses through its use of state-of-the-art technology and passionate talents who channel their combined experience into client growth. The agency has been on the market since 2014 and has managed to make a name for itself in such areas as SaaS, CRO, E-Commerce, education, content marketing, and many others. Companies wanting to have their message heard and enjoy the services of a company that deals with the largest players in the industry are on the right track by cooperating with SingleGrain.


On the market since 2018, the company specializes in influencer marketing and public relations. In addition, it provides social media management, community management, SEO, lead generation and a host of other services. With client success as the key focus of its activities, Coinbound is a common contender for the role of PR agency among startups both at the beginning phase to $1 billion market capitalization. 


Coinzilla is all about content – a reliable partner that can help startups create an efficient PR plan, regardless of their budget. The team at the company will help its clients create unique materials and distribute them across select publishers in all tiers. With effective follow-up services, connections to leading media and an excellent team, CoinBuzz is the best place to start for projects willing to make an impression through content marketing. 

Guerilla Buzz

A non-traditional boutique growth agency on the market since 2018. The firm specializes in content marketing and public relations with special focus on creating hype. The team has extensive experience in SEO and community management – essential ingredients for ensuring exposure. Guerilla Buzz is a reliable partner for solving all manner of promotion tasks and a great place to start creating content that reaches both hearts and minds.


An experienced team of practitioners in business development, investment, consulting, marketing & PR. The firm has been on the market for a few years and has garnered a name for itself as a place that values its clients as both business entities and individuals. With its heartfelt approach to communication, the company delivers a standard range of PR services.

In Summary

The blockchain market is teeming with PR agencies, but far not every one of them deserves the attention of both early stage and established startups.

When selecting an agency that would handle promotion, startups need to firmly identify the areas they require assistance with and what the core focus of their advertising and marketing campaigns will be. With that mind, and the budget at hand, startups can start forming a short list of candidates among PR agencies based on their experience, the lineup of services, and client reviews. Most importantly, startups must ask for offers based on their requirements and never shy away from embracing a higher price tag if it matches the value delivered.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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