The world's first boxing blockchain-startup Ready to Fight announced the launch of its own RTF token - what factors increase the chances of success?

The world's first boxing blockchain-startup Ready to Fight announced the launch of its own RTF token - what factors increase the chances of success?

Fresh from its initial launch, the Ready to Fight platform is now fighting on a global scale. This unique start-up idea was developed by an all-star team comprising two of the famous professionals in the boxing world: Olexandr Usyk, the world champion, and Sergey Lapin, the head sports director for Usyk's team. Both have a deep and personal understanding from their side of the challenges boxers face daily and are using their vast personal experience to offer alternative ways to solve these issues.

“For me, Ready to Fight is, without exaggeration, taking boxing to a new level. What amazes me more is that everything you need to build a successful career fits in one ecosystem!”says Oleksandr Usyk, Ambassador and co-founder of Ready to Fight.

One of the major problems boxers are facing is the lack of convenient communication platforms for finding sparring-partners, opponents, agents, managers, and other professional services. This challenge has inspired the Ready to Fight project to build a platform where boxers, agents, managers, and other specialists can communicate and find each other. To top it off, the platform allows participants to offer their professional services and earn money, ultimately providing both newcomers and established boxers a way to successfully monetize their careers. 

The technical model of the Ready To Fight project involves a partnership with the QMALL cryptocurrency exchange to handle the trading activity aspect of the project. This was deemed necessary due to the project's complex structure, which involves multiple tokens and a central blockchain that would be impractical to integrate on exchanges with every release. As a result, the idea of ​​a separate trading system on its own trading platform within QMALL was developed for the RTF ecosystem. The decision to collaborate with the QMALL team was made to ensure that professionals with expertise in trading could handle this crucial aspect of the project. With crypto known for being volatile, trusting in QMALL will allow the project to run smoothly and without problems.

According to the founder of the QMALL exchange, Mykola Udianskyi:

“We have been developing blockchain products for many years!

This project is especially important for us, because it changes modern boxing forever! Now it is the only system whose heart is the RTF token.”

The second crucial factor of the impending success of the Ready To Fight project is the tokenization of fighters. To achieve this, the project developers sought out the best Ethereum tokenization ecosystem, which is currently the world's second blockchain and open-source technology. However, the openness of creating tokens on this network has led to numerous scams and copyright infringements, making it unsuitable for RTF's purposes. Therefore, the team opted to create a closed system that ensures every fighter token created is genuine and unique. To achieve this, they decided to create their own fork of Ethereum, which will operate under the RTF brand and will have a closed token creation system.

The RTF token will be the backbone of the project, and will serve several functions, including powering the Ready to Fight ecosystem, facilitating the creation and trading of fighter tokens, and incentivizing users to participate in the platform. IEO and presale for the RTF token will be coming soon, providing a chance for investors and traders to get in early before demand becomes huge. With many interested parties in the project, including boxers, professionals, investors, and fan audiences, demand for the RTF token will only grow. 

The RTF token will become the heart of the ecosystem. Thanks to the complex functionality of the token, all interested parties - boxers, investors, industry specialists and crypto fans will be able to interact on the platform to satisfy their own interests. The Ready to Fight project token will be multifunctional and open up opportunities for:

  • investments;
  • purchases of goods and content on the platform, interaction with boxers and other participants;
  • conclusion of transactions with partners, payment for services;
  • assistance to partners and boxers, long-term investments in the development of athletes;
  • making a profit for storing, using, trading the RTF token.

The project has already managed to attract world-class stars: world champion Oleksandr Usyk, world-famous promoter Egis Klimas, professional boxer Oleksandr Gvozdyk. The number of ambassadors and registrations is growing rapidly. With well-known names from boxing, more and more people will join and be interested in its functionality.

Ready to Fight is a unique project that aims to make career-building easier and more accessible for every boxer in the world by implementing and expanding functionality for boxer teams, training bases, halls, medical centres, and equipment manufacturers, to name but a few. Its international model and therefore limitless market make the project extremely interesting for not only boxers looking to balloon their careers but also investors and traders looking to see a sizable return for a project with heart and passion woven through its very core.

Ready to Fight - connecting boxing

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