The Graph (GRT) And Ethereum Classic (ETC) Holders Become Enamored By The Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

The Graph (GRT) And Ethereum Classic (ETC) Holders Become Enamored By The Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

Many tokens, such as The Graph (GRT) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), are correcting themselves after a good start to 2023. However, one project in its presale run appears to be bucking the trend. That project is Sparklo, a current hot topic among market analysts. Let's discover why!

The Graph (GRT) Advances Scaling On Arbitrum One

Currently, 5% of the incentives for the indexing work performed by The Graph (GRT) nodes are available on the Arbitrum One blockchain. The next step for The Graph (GRT) will be to enable express migration to the blockchain.

The Graph (GRT) token now has a value of $0.1545, which is a fall of 9.32% in the past day alone. The trading volume for The Graph (GRT) also decreased by 17.50% in that same time, sinking to $98,071,028.

And with the technical indicators for The Graph (GRT) showing strong sell signals, investors are now sidestepping it in favor of other projects with more upside potential.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Trades In The Red

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been struggling in the past month, most likely due to Ethereum (ETH) taking the spotlight with its Shapella upgrade. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is trading hands at $20.33 with a market cap of $2.8B, down 7.05% overnight.

The technical analysis for Ethereum Classic (ETC) also may be a cause for concern as all of its technical indicators are showing red. On a positive note, the 24-hour trading volume for Ethereum Classic (ETC) has shown some fight as it now sits at $197,133,934, up 34%.

Although this trading volume increase could tip the scales in bulls' favor, experts predict its value may not see a massive surge as the room for growth for Ethereum Classic (ETC) appears to have plateaued.

The Sparklo (SPRK) Presale - The Right Crypto For You?

Sparklo will be a unique decentralized alternative-investment platform where everyday investors can invest in real-life platinum, silver, and gold bars - with the help of fractionalized NFTs!

Each investment opportunity will be minted into an NFT, fractionalized, and then sold to investors, partially or fully. You may also receive the metal supporting it if you purchase a full token!

Sparklo has passed an audit by InterFi Network and the team tokens will be locked for one thousand days. Moreover, a KYC audit is presently underway and will be completed soon, while liquidity will be frozen for 100 years.

In Level One of its open presale, the Sparklo native token is now sold for only $0.015. Analysts estimate it could reach $0.40 by October 2023, a 2,566% increase!

If you wish to purchase this potential blue-chip token, now is the right time, so sign up for the presale below!

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