Sparklo (SPRK) Surges as Aptos (APT) and Flare (FLR) Drop

Sparklo (SPRK) Surges as Aptos (APT) and Flare (FLR) Drop

New comer cryptocurrency, Sparklo (SPRK) continues to make waves in the crypto industry stealing the attention of investors. The project displays an idea and system that shows it has potential as a result, several investors have been engaging in its presale. 

Though new, Sparklo (SPRK) is ambitious and has proven to be committed to its course. The token is working to secure its place on the list of 'Top 100 cryptocurrencies.'  As old cryptocurrencies on the list continue to plummet, they make this ambition more attainable. 

Aptos (APT) Plummets After Unlock 

According to data, Aptos (APT) fell -6.91% in the last 24 hours to $10.23 at the time of writing.

The impending unlock of 4.5 million APT tokens, which analysts said would boost the selling pressure on the asset, was a major factor in the value decrease. The unlock is estimated to be worth roughly $50 million based on current values, according to DeFillama statistics.

According to data from CryptoSlate, the unlock would bring APT's circulating supply up by 0.5% to 186 million tokens. Between the first three months of the year, the blockchain network has already experienced three unlocks in tranches of 4.5 million each.

Things are not looking well for the layer-1 blockchain network coin right now, and could get worse when the entire unlock is released. 

Flare (FLR) Coin suffers Lose as Airdrop Drops 

On January 9, at 23:59 UTC, the eagerly anticipated Flare (FLR) token airdrop occurred, causing a significant 83% drawdown during the subsequent 24 hours.

Flare(FLR) started trading in January 2021 and managed to reach an all-time high of $2.26 on May 1 of that same year. Since then, it has been mired in a macro-downtrend that roughly corresponds to larger market events, such as the FTX sell-off in November.

The first sign that trouble was developing came on January 8; an 18% drop that ended the day at $0.451838. On January 9, the selloff resumed, resulting in a 42% loss for the day. Currently Flare (FLR)  is down by -0.48%

Sparklo (SPRK) to Release Aptos (APT) and Flare (FLR) on The Top 100 Cryptocurrencies List

Sparklo will be the first blockchain investment trading platform to focus solely on silver, gold, and platinum. Each investment generates and fractionalizes an NFT, which users can then use to invest in other projects.

The silver, gold, and platinum investments will be stored in legally recognized bullion storage facilities monitored by expert vault operators who are among the greatest suppliers of secure transportation and precious metal vault services in the world

Sparklo is now in the first stage of its presale. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for cryptocurrency lovers and investors. This ground-breaking initiative, priced at only $0.015 per token, features a revolutionary tokenomics structure that sets it different from the competition. Sparklo is ready to create waves in the crypto industry, with a strong focus on sustainability, security, and scalability.

Investors who participate in the presale have early access to this game-changing digital asset, boosting the possibility of huge returns as the project develops popularity. Sparklo is also supported by a devoted and experienced team of developers and industry professionals that are committed to seeing the project through to completion. 

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