NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price Prediction And A Year Of Growth For Uwerx (WERX)

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price Prediction And A Year Of Growth For Uwerx (WERX)

The dollar has weakened, and risk assets trade inversely to the dollar. As the dollar loses strength, it becomes less appealing to investors, and this capital quickly finds its way into the digital asset space. Analysts have given a price prediction for NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and have outlined a new protocol called Uwerx set to change the freelancing industry. 

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price Prediction

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a layer one blockchain that boasts massive throughput. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) powers thanks to its unique Nightshard sharding technology. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) gained support from developers due to the ease of deploying DApps on the network. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) introduced human-readable wallet addresses making it popular with users.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) currently trades close to $1.86, down close to 90% from its all-time high in January 2022, where NEAR Protocol (NEAR) traded above $20. Analysts acknowledge NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has lots of work ahead of it, but the trajectory has been solid, and analysts expect NEAR Protocol (NEAR) to trade above $5 by the end of 2023.

How Will Uwerx (WERX) Change Crypto?

Uwerx has big plans and will launch a decentralized freelance marketplace. Trust has been a huge issue for freelancers and employers alike, hence the rapid growth of centralized intermediaries to mediate the process, ensuring that the work gets done and the freelancer gets paid. Industry-leading platforms like Upwork have made record profits in recent years with the growth of the freelance economy, but Upwork still relies on the same procedures as it did in 2015.

Uwerx will launch a decentralized and trustless model that removes the middleman and reduces fees by 75%. By leveraging blockchain, Uwerx can deliver a model that fits the current market demand, and as a result, the platform could grow exponentially. Analysts have predicted that the WERX token may trade as high as $9 before the end of year 2024.

Taking Part In Uwerx’s (WERX) Presale

According to Velocity Global, 44% of gig economy gross volume comes from customers in the United States. And this gives global freelancers a chance to earn dollars. Uwerx will connect people globally, and its presale price of $0.00751 could be an exceptional opportunity to join a blue chip project in the early stages. Audited by InterFi Network and SolidProof, with a 25-year liquidity lock after the presale ends, analysts have become highly bullish on Uwerx’s prospects. 

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